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Virility Issues

  • “Hi bearded confidant! I've found great help in your advice. Now I'd like to ask about possible harmful effects of enjoying pornography. I've enjoyed gay sex pics and movies for as long as...  more»
  • NEW » “Could our dicks be hard-wired to one specific guy? Could my dick be monogamous by unconscious choice? I've found it's hard for me to get hard with anyone else except my special someone...  more»
  • NEW » “Is it possible for man to experience an orgasm without spitting out semen? I'm 64 years old and occasionally during sex I feel that I've had a fabulous orgasm but there is no semen. Is...  more»
  • “Don't know if you know anything about this, but my boyfriend is diabetic and causes problems in the bedroom getting a full and lasting erection. He is able to get it semi-hard only for a...  more»
  • “Love your answers! Serious answers to serious questions! And I have one ... am a 50 yr old gay man ... and get very erotic with my boyfriend but can't seem to get a really hard erection...  more»
  • “Since I broke up with my lover some 3 years ago ( we had long and active sex sessions), I now find it hard to sustain an erection during foreplay and sex. I have had no partners from this...  more»
  • “When my boyfriend and I wake up every morning, we both have hard-ons, are naked, and are horny, but we never fool around at that time. Who wants to deep kiss when your mouth isn't fresh,...  more»
  • “I am 19 years old. I enjoy being in situations where other guys are undressing such as in locker rooms and stuff, but I get a hardon way too easily and the last thing I want to do is get...  more»
  • “Gotta question. I am always impressed, turned on, and generally amazed at the quantity of cum some guys can shoot. Is there a diet, supplement, or regime that one can follow to increase...  more»
  • “For almost a year I've been in a sexual relationship with an older man. Things are still great, but lately there has been one issue in that it's become more difficult for him to cum. He...  more»
  • “I'm messing around with my friend and I keep cumming too fast. Can you give me some pointers on not cumming so fast?  more»
  • “I have just found your website a few weeks ago and I'm amazed at how good your advice is. I have had this problem for a while and was wondering if you could help. I cum much too quickly....  more»
  • “When I jack off, soon after the orgasm the penis retracts from being erect. As a virgin, I'm curious as to if this means I won't be able to keep it up for very long during sex with a...  more»
  • “It seems like some guys don't leak much precum at all and others overflow with the stuff from the moment they get hard. I am definitely in the former group, I almost never leak any...  more»
  • “I have a problem ejaculating - most of the time I can't. (Even when I am masturbating or during intercourse). However, when I do ejaculate, it is when my partner is inside me. Do you...  more»
  • “Before I cum or engage in sexual intercourse, I seem to have a lot of pre-cum, which puts my lover off. So my question is how to get my level of pre-cum down or my lover's pre-cum levels...  more»