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Urine and Watersports

  • “Though my brother and I have never had sex, I drink his piss regularly. He has been pissing in my mouth since we were kids (when he told me I could have all the lemonade I wanted). ...  more»
  • “My lover keeps hinting strongly that he'd like to experiment with watersports. The whole thing is new to me. What's a way that I can gradually find out if I'm into it without going too...  more»
  • “How can I help my boyfriend piss during sex? I'm sure you can help me on this one. We both enjoy watching w/s porn and are turned on by pissing. The problem is that when he gets turned...  more»
  • NEW » “As a kid I wet the bed at night until my teens, although less frequent now, I still have occasional night time accidents (especially after too many beers). I've had a couple of...  more»