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Straight Buddies

  • “I have this really hot school buddy, and ever since we met I have thought of doing stuff with him. He was once rumored to be gay, and some people say he really is. Well the thing is I am...  more»
  • “Great advice, man -- hope you have an idea for me. Back when we were 16 or so, my best friend and I became jackoff buddies, and shortly thereafter, I started sucking his dick. All in all,...  more»
  • “I was wondering what to do if you are a straight acting person but want your friends to know you are gay without just saying right to their face "I am gay." Is there any way to hint to...  more»
  • “I love your advice and hope that you are able to help me with m problem. I have finally come to accepting that I'm gay. It has taken quite a while, but I have only told one person close...  more»
  • “My problem is making me really anxious and I don't really know what to do about it. I am a senior in high school. First of all, I am attracted to one of my closest friends. We spend a lot...  more»
  • “I find myself wanting to be in a situation where my straight friends find out that I like to suck cock. They then proceed to rip my clothes off of me in a public place and make me suck...  more»
  • “I have this huge problem and I hope you can help me. You see, I have this friend, who is a girl, and she is together with this other guy. He is only 1 year older then me and rumors...  more»
  • “I have a clerk that works at the local Stop and Go. He is hot. Extremely hairy with large dark sexy eyes. He is married. When I stop in and there are no customers he is extremely...  more»
  • “I am seriously attracted to a friend I work out with at a gym in the morning every day. He is a smaller guy but he has the biggest vein covered "pornstar" cock I have ever seen! He is...  more»
  • “I am 17 and get horny by dressing in female underwear. About 3 months ago I was dressed in bra & panties jerking off when two friends walked in on me (I had forgotten to lock the door)....  more»
  • “I have an interesting problem. A guy I have a crush on started spending a lot of time with me after we graduated high school. One evening when we were having a real heart to heart...  more»
  • “I am a bi/hetero 20 y/o male. I have been living with a roommate for the last 2 years. He is always making subtle advances and we have masturbated watching porn together. Afterwards he...  more»
  • “I am a 25 year old heterosexual male and have a question. I believe that all people are bisexual by nature but that this bisexuality is composed of degrees of homo- and heterosexuality. ...  more»
  • “I'm a freshman in college in the Southeast US, so it is not feasible for me to be out on campus and thus hard for me to meet other guys. One of my suite mates, who is really hot, knows...  more»
  • “You seem to be the shrine of good advice I am looking for. So here goes... About three years ago, I met this guy at a cafe with friends. He was/is the most beautiful man I have seen yet...  more»
  • “I have a good friend who is married and is very close to me. I cannot say I am homosexual and neither is he. I am doing a course on human anatomy, and he has agreed to be my model. This...  more»
  • “I'm quite anxious about an upcoming situation. First, about myself. SWM, 42, homosexualist, never done it with a woman, handsome, engaging, straight 'acting'/appearing.I was out of town...  more»
  • “I have been attracted to my cousin for some time now and I was wondering how I could approach having sex with him? I know for a fact that he has a girlfriend, but he is on the swim team...  more»
  • “I have become sexually obsessed with a friend of mine. I think he is straight (he is married). We talk about heterosexual sex constantly over coffee, beer, while playing sports etc....  more»
  • “This is not the usual question you get, but I hope you'll help me because nobody can tell me why I have this "problem." I always fall for, fantasize about, fall in love with straight...  more»
  • “A friend of mine has been horny for all his life. Sometimes he comes over and we watch a porno together. Sometimes we get on the internet and look at sex stuff (always heterosexual.) ...  more»
  • “I need help on turning my straight buddy to a sorta gay one.  more»
  • “Is it your opinion that most/some/all "straight" men have at one time had a gay sexual experience in their lives and decided it wasn't for them? I would guess with so much homophobia out...  more»
  • “I have a friend that I really like, but he acts, talks, and seems straight. I want to be with him to suck his cock, if I only knew he was gay. If he isn't gay, I still wish I could have...  more»
  • NEW » “Hi. I am a bisexual male and I've had this friend that I've been horny for for awhile. He is straight to the fullest. We jerk off together all the time, but he will not even let me see...  more»
  • NEW » “A hung gym buddy of mine and I spend a lot of time together playing sports, drinking beer and talking about straight sex. In fact, once we have a beer or two, we talk about sex almost...  more»