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Shapes and Sizes

  • “Please give me info on how to use a vacuum pump. I just bought one at a local adult bookstore, but no instructions were included. I'm mainly wanting to use it to get an erection, since...  more»
  • “I have used a vacuum pump and it has destroyed my sex life! It has taken away my sex drive. My cock and balls stay much hotter than normal even when soft. The only way I can get a good...  more»
  • “I have a slightly curved penis. It seems to curve to the left. Is there anything I can do other than an operation?  more»
  • “I'm 8" long and curved to my left. I have not suffered any pain. My partner is 24 years old. She told me that I was her first. I have not been able to help her reach her climax, orgasm. ...  more»
  • “My erections stand up too straight. I can't get it below 90 degrees to do doggie style! Any suggestions?   more»
  • “I have a "small" problem I need help with. I have small balls that ride close to my body. I want them to hang down lower like they do after I take a hot shower. I have tried a pump to...  more»
  • NEW » “I need some advice regarding a problem I have. My cock is very large... actually about double the length and thickness of most of the other guy's cocks I've seen at the gym and in movies....  more»
  • “I have a cut 7-incher, and I want to know if there is anything non-surgical, not having to do with pumps, that I can do to increase the size of my cock in the privacy of my own home.  more»
  • NEW » “Is there a way to constantly keep my nipples hard? It seems like whenever I see guys without their shirts on, whether in pictures or out in public, they always have hard nipples. Mine...  more»
  • “I have a problem that is tearing my sex life apart. I measure up to slightly over 6 1/2 inches, but the length is not the problem. It's the girth. Even while fully erect, my dick is very...  more»