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  • “I am horny and ready to jackoff several times a day and find myself searching the internet with one hand in my thong. I'd put one finger up my ass if i didn't need it to control the...  more»
  • “When I masturbate I like to lie on my back and cum all over my chest and belly, just like many of the cum shots avilable on the net. When I've spoken to some of my friends, though, I...  more»
  • NEW » “Do you know of a way to make it easier for someone else to make me cum? I'm one of those guys who has some specific ways of achieving an orgasm. I've also managed to master staying on...  more»
  • “I am male and straight. What can I do to join a jack off club? I love masturbation.  more»
  • “I love to jerk off, but when I cum it dribbles down the side. What can I do to make my cum shoot?  more»
  • “I would like to find out how a circumsized person can masturbate. I couldn't masturbate because I had my foreskin removed when I was very young. Please help me to solve this problem.  more»
  • “Thanks for all the good advice. Just reading some of your advice gets me hard. Could you tell me some new ways to jack-off. I am into anything. I have been wondering what the best lube...  more»
  • “I have a rather embarrassing, shameful and rather depressing problem and I'm hoping you'll know how to help.Over many years of masturbating as a circumcised man and having not really...  more»
  • “Is there any way I can stop post masturbation guilt? Is there any thing I can do to stop the hormone that gets released after masturbation to stop me feeling guilty?  more»
  • NEW » “Hi Bearded one!I've decided to totally switch my hand of pleasure. This is a wacky thing, I know, and I wonder if am I alone at my "predicament". I'm 27 now and ever since I had my first...  more»
  • “I am male and straight. What happens at jack off clubs? Are all the men gay or bi?  more»