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Health Concerns

  • “I have never seen a question like this on any sex advice page so I am hoping you can help. Your answers are always clear and honest. This one is about a harsh sickness I get after anal...  more»
  • “This is kind of embarrassing, but it needs to be answered! I have a problem with some skin blemishes in the "sensitive areas." First of all, I have two 'pimples' on my butt, one on the...  more»
  • “Whenever I swallow my partner's cum, approximately 30 minutes later I get E.D. (Explosive Diarrhea). This happens every time. With other partners, this never happened. Why does my body...  more»
  • NEW » “I consider myself to be a clean guy. I shower everday, and wash everything, including my gentials. No matter how much I wash they always smell. I don't want someone to become...  more»
  • “After having read your informative responses to others' queries, I'm hoping you may be able to help me. Being an uncut guy, I find that the head of my dick is extremely sensitive. I...  more»
  • “I did the strangest or dumbest thing about three months ago. While surfing the net i found a site about Silicone injections for male genitals and was cumpulsively drawn to the idea,...  more»
  • “Something strange I noticed for the past year. I noticed this 'pimple' on my dick one day masturbating. There was only one. Eventually the whole thing falls off naturally without...  more»
  • “I was fucking this guy the other day. He was sitting on my cock, facing me and jacking his cock. I was using a condom and he was not. When he came, a small drop of his cum shot into my...  more»
  • NEW » “I was just wondering if it is safe to have unprotected anal sex if neither partner has AIDS or any other STD's. And would a shower help get rid of any of the bacterias that are present?...  more»
  • “My boyfriend and I have fucked for several years, without using any condoms. But in March my bf caught urethritis, which he cured with antibiotics. After a while the urethritis appeared...  more»
  • “I'm an 18 year guy living in London, England. I'm real worried because I think I have anal warts. The skin around my hole is inflamed and can sometimes be painful. I read in a medical...  more»
  • “I'm 18 years old, and I have bumps all over my dick and balls. The bumps make my dick look unattractive to me, and I am scared that the bumps will turn off my partner when we finally...  more»