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  • “I am a circumcised 54 year old. I was born in Pennsylvania in 1946. It was customary for male children to be circumcised. My parents choose it for me. I first noticed a hole in my...  more»
  • “I am in my early thirties and would like to get circumcised for hygiene reasons. Is this recomended for a person of my age? What benefits would I get from it? Would it improve my sex...  more»
  • NEW » “This might sound like a stupid question BUT here goes anyway... I have been working out quite a bit lately to lose weight and get rid of the Bear type belly that over the last several...  more»
  • “My name is Jack. I'm in my 20's and uncircumsized. I have heard that people with an uncut penis have to wash off the head. How do you do that? My penis foreskin only reveals the head and...  more»
  • “I really need your help. There's no-one else I can ask this. I'm 17 years old and live in Greece. Next month I have to go to take my exams for the military. You know, they exam our...  more»
  • “I have not had sex with a man yet. I don't find my body attractive and can't imagine any other guy wanting to have sex with me. My particular concern is with my uncut penis. When I...  more»
  • NEW » “Please can you talk about two men docking their cocks. My boyfriend has a beautiful foreskin, while I am circumcised. As he is the top, I am reserved about asking him to dock my cock,...  more»
  • “About a week ago I noticed that I was getting some chafing on the head of my penis during exercise. (I know, this sounds like a likely story. But it's true - I've been riding my...  more»
  • “Congrats on a column important to all of us and well documented.I am circumcized, but generously so that I can cover about three fourths of my dickhead when hard. Recently I discovered...  more»