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Body Hair

  • “I have a mildly hairy chest with light colored hair. I'd really like to have more chest hair but everything I find is more focused on how to REMOVE chest hair than how to grow MORE! ...  more»
  • “Well, I've just read your fantastic page(s) and found it really, really interesting! I'm so glad there's such a thing for gay guys.My question is about growing a fuller, bushier...  more»
  • “I think my partner loves my hairy chest more than he loves me. When I come home from work, he unbuttons my shirt and licks my chest before he kisses me hello. When he sucks my cock, he...  more»
  • NEW » “I unfortunately have a very hairy cock shaft. It would seem that hair on the cock is a big no no from what porn makes me perceive. The hair grows right up to my circumcision scar. For...  more»
  • “My question is concerning chest hair. I find smooth men extremely attractive and a lot more fun to fuck. However, I myself am not hairless and am therefore less attractive to myself and...  more»
  • “Please help. My asscrack is hairy. I have seen many men with smooth assholes, but how do they acheive that? I can't have anyone shave it for me, so I am looking for a quick, painless,...  more»
  • NEW » “The guy I hooked up with last weekend gave me my first chest fur orgasm. I was blindfolded, so I couldn't see exactly what he did to trigger off my chest hairs. How can I replicate the...  more»
  • “When I shave my pubic hair to make my penis look bigger, it gets far too itchy to stand, and I nearly go mad. Have you any remedies for this?  more»
  • “Okay, I'll keep it simple. I started shaving my chest in the summer and everyone loves it, girl friends and guys. But recently, my stomach has gotten little bumps. I assume it's razor...  more»
  • “To me there is nothing sexier than a stud who has hairy growth under his arms as well as a hairy bush surrounding his cock. Us guys with hair need to be extra clean so we do not turn off...  more»