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  • “I have an 8 inch cock and am very curious about bi-sexuality. I've sucked my own dick (I can't get further than my head). But still, I haven't blown a load in my mouth. I wanted to...  more»
  • NEW » “I'd love to be able to eat my own cum everytime I sperm but I'm sort of hesitant as to the taste. Is there a way that leads up to eating all your cum? I'm going nuts over this... I want...  more»
  • “I read your Q/A on sucking your own penis, and I've been trying them for over a month. I am now at the point where I can successfully suck 3/4 of my head. I am positive that I can get...  more»
  • “I am fascinated by guys that can suck themselves off. That has to be the ultimate orgasm. I cannot find any tips on how to do this other than: start yoga or be born with the...  more»
  • NEW » “I have a couple of questions that I hope you might be able to answer. I have licked my penis when I was masturbating a couple of times. I only licked the head & the tip from where the...  more»