Weekend Warriors follows the sexual adventures of hot young South American soldiers, both in the barracks and outside on the training fields. Apparently, they're familiar with the motto "Make love, not war," because they fuck and suck each other almost non-stop (the longest you have to wait for action is when two men hurriedly strip off their clothes, and when one commanding officer forces his grunt to run a few laps to work up a sweat before he fucks his ass relentlessly).

That grunt, by the way, is one "hot little bottom," as they say. His muscular commander takes full control of him and subjects him to a very long and very intense fuck session on the grass under a tree, and their moans and screams are echoed by a wild parrot in the branches above. The bottom is a real trooper, though, and I marveled at his stamina as he was pounded every which way by his superior's huge cock. He withstands a good deal of hair pulling as well, as if he needed to be reminded of who was in charge. But by the look on his face, he didn't seem to mind a little rough stuff — as long as he was getting stuffed, that is.

There are several things I like about this film. The men switch positions several times while they fuck (standing, doggie style, lying on their sides, missionary style, squatting, and so on), keeping the action interesting. The uncut dicks are huge, the men are hot, and there are a few oral cumshots thrown in for those of us who get off on that (as well as finger-fucking with spit).

What I don't like about the film is that there's not a hairy chest in sight, and none of the bottoms ever has a hardon while he's getting fucked. I find it tremendously hotter if both men are hard while they fuck and suck. However, I also know from experience that sometimes getting fucked is such an intense experience that you don't get hard even though you are truly turned on. I guess it's like you're concentrating so hard on what's going on in your ass that your cock decides to take a little nap. So I'll give these guys a break. It wasn't too big of a turn-off for me, though, because I shot off twice while watching this film the first time. The first orgasm was fantastic, and I actually surprised myself when I realized I was unconsciously lubing up again for a second shot at it.