By the time I finished watching this film's incredible four-way swimming pool orgy, I had shot off the biggest load of mancream in my life, and I could kick myself for not having a camera handy because I would so love to share what that pool scene did for me. Before I talk about that orgy, I should mention that this film has a wild storyline. It's about an American ski champion getting kidnapped by the Russian Mafia, and there is even some helicopter action thrown in for good measure. But I was mostly interested in seeing the smooth, dark-featured young Russian men get it on. The first sex scene takes place on a mountaintop in the freezing snow, and it involves the ski champion getting captured and raped. The victim is forced to suck off his captor and then give up his ass as well. There's a lot of great tongue-bathing in this scene and throughout the entire film.

I enjoy seeing men worshipping each other's bodies as foreplay, especially when a man gives his buddy's chest a good long licking before he goes down on him. After a nice tit-drenching finale, I was glad when the action retreated to warmer temperatures indoors. Our victim is examined by a doctor in a medical office, which leads to a hot threeway involving gobs of tongue action (both lustful deep kissing and tender body worship) in addition to the inevitable sucking, fucking, and rape with a big black nightstick. For those who like men with glasses, the doctor never takes his off.

Next we go to an indoor pool, where four other ski champions swim naked and frolic together, getting so turned on by each other's wet manflesh that they begin a long and highly intense orgy. They fuck, suck, rim, and worship each other's bodies with gusto and delight, never slowing down for a second, happy as clams to enjoy the miracle of mansex. I loved seeing them suck in a daisy chain and fuck in a pile-up. The energy just keeps building, and the men's cocks stay rock hard both in and out of the water. By the time one of them gets drenched by his three buddies' cum as well as his own, I was physically exhausted, and I was just lying there with my dick in my hand!

After the orgy we're treated to more helicopter action and a snow-sled chase, then see our kidnap victim being interrogated by two men who end up sexually humiliating him. I like it when the two interrogators stand over their prisoner and deep kiss while he sucks their dicks. The prisoner then gets pounded up the ass by each man in turn while he gags on the other's cock. All three finally shoot off onto the prisoner's chest and face. Meanwhile, an intense rescue mission is taking place outside, and the ski champion's gun-wielding buddies arrive to save him. I won't give away how it all turns out.