Too often, buying a porn film is risky because you can't be certain of the quality. Well, there's absolutely no risk when it comes to Lucas Kazan's The School For Lovers. This is a lush, beautiful film, artistically shot, starring some truly dazzling hunks. Filmed on location in southern Italy, the scenery is utterly breathtaking, as are the men. These men are like Mediterranean gods — perfectly chiseled, oozing with powerful masculinity. A lot of love went into the making of this film, and it shows in every single frame. Kazan whisks us away to gorgeous Italian villas and countrysides like something out of a dream. The exquisite scenery might almost detract from the men, if the men weren't so drop-dead handsome themselves. This is a film that respects the viewer and offers much, much more than it has to. If you've earned yourself a true visual feast, with achingly passionate mansex, then don't miss this one!

The story involves two young vacationing couples and one indecent proposal. Bearded and hairy chested super-stud Jean Franko conducts a wine tasting on the patio of his stunning villa. As he pours the wine, he tells his visitors that no one can expect fidelity in men. He bets that he can prove that their lovers are incapable of being faithful, like every other man. The visitors take him up on his bet, swearing that they'll do everything he tells them to do. What transpires is an afternoon of irresistible temptations and unbridled sexual adventures.

We're treated to lots of sun-kissed outdoor sex, some taking place poolside and some within the scenic countryside. While the scenery is romantic, the sex is powerful and rough. For example, when Franko admires an ass, he slaps it and squeezes it and stretches it with both of his strong hands. When he rims, it's full-on buttfucking with his tongue. When he wants to get sucked, he beats his bottom man's face with his enormous, uncut hardon, grabs him by the hair, and forcefully plunges down his throat. It's not violent sex, but it's as butch as it gets. How hot is it? You'll see a man cum just from getting his face assaulted by Franko's dick!

With such ultra-sexed studs, one big squirting orgasm just gets things lubed up for the next round. Needless to say, the sweat-drenched buttfucking is as intense as the oral assaults. To see these men fuck is almost like seeing mansex for the first time — they bring such artistry to lovemaking. If you're into male bonding on the more tender side, don't miss the fantastic dick sparring 47 minutes into the film. And lovers of sensual handjobs will be in heaven over the scene that follows.

Franko turns out to be right — when tempted, the men at his villa are unable to remain faithful to their boyfriends. But Franko has a marvelous surprise in store for all the guys. I won't give away the extended finale, but it's a truly wonderful and totally unexpected conclusion to the story.

Luckily, there's more to see after we finish the film. A behind-the-scenes featurette invites us to bask in this fantasy world one more time.