Here's a sizzling hot action film, with evil drug lords, hunky SWAT teams, and sweaty mansex at gunpoint.

We're treated to a suspenseful story, masculine studs with big muscles and tattoos, and rough, hardcore sex just the way you like it. Though the film is only 89 minutes, the sex begins with a bang. Before the 3-minute mark, we've already got a bearded bad guy waving his gun at two SWAT teammates, forcing the men to strip and deep-throat. So begins a wild threeway featuring big rigid cocks, furry chests, dirty talk, and nasty mansex with gobs of spit lube. The bad guy, muscle stud Mick Powers, uses his gun to keep the threeway action fast and furious. He points the gun at hairy hunk Jake Dakota's head while he forces Ken Mack to suck dick. Then he points the gun at Ken's hairy balls and fuckhole while Jake deep-throats. This leads to lots of deep rimming, prostate massage and finger assault, and power fucking at an intensity that only muscle studs can sustain. By the end of the session, each man has topped and bottomed to the point of exhaustion. Jake finally drenches his hairy torso with a huge load of cream while Mick ravages his ass. Ken sprays a thick and juicy cumshot onto Mick's face. And Mick shoots off all over his gun!

Then we flashback to five minutes earlier. Hairy chested hulk Nick Marino and smooth stud Trey Casteel are letting off some steam on a sunny rooftop. They suck dick and buttfuck in a variety of positions, including a marvelous face-fucking and ass pounding atop a stairway. Again, both men top and bottom, and they spray their cream while getting mercilessly fucked.

Now things start getting really interesting. At a detention center, adorable young stud Brad Starr interrogates tattooed dreamboat Tommy Blade. With his hands and feet cuffed to a bench, Tommy is forced to suck on Brad's big cock. The harder Brad pulls Tommy's hair and slaps his stubbled face, the deeper Tommy swallows that cock. Soon enough, the cuffs are loosened and the two men are on the floor, eating and fucking ass like they've just discovered mansex. These guys have great chemistry, and check out their intense eye contact as they fuck one another. Their wild, sweat drenched power-fuck about one hour into the film is not to be missed. You can practically see the walls shaking from it, and the walls are made of brick!

Then we're treated to three smooth-chested young studs in a delicious threeway. Brad Starr, Matt Cole, and Brad Rock feast upon one another's bodies. You'll see two men worshipping one rigid dick, one man eating two delicious asses, and all three guys fucking and sucking in every position they can think of. In a memorable finale, they all shoot off in a circle-jerk, aiming their cocks and sperm toward the camera on the floor below them.

Bonus features include interviews with the stars, behind-the-scenes footage, bloopers and a 10-minute bonus scene with Brad Star and Brad Rock jerking off together onto a mirror.