New Catalina discovery Cliff Andrews is reason enough to check out this DVD. He is one of those horse-hung men who is truly an enthusiastic cock owner. By that I mean that he clearly loves his huge cock, loves watching himself pounding it into down a man's throat, and loves jackhammering it up a tight ass. It's not that Cliff is stuck-up about his genital gifts, though I wouldn't begrudge him a little attitude — he's certainly got plenty to stick up. He's just into using his cock to its best advantage, and it's a pleasure to watch. I tried to count how many jackhammer thrusts he could do per minute, but I always lost count. Cliff also takes pleasure is whipping John Truitt's face with his cock, and while I don't usually find such scenes to be major turn-ons, this one was terrific because of the sheer length of Cliff's dick and the sheer pleasure John took from being beaten with it.

The real standout scene for me, however, is Rick Gonzalez power fucking Chad Thomas in the grand finale. The live soundtrack captures the serious intensity of their session. Chad gets pounded so hard that he's practically pissing cum by the end — the white stuff just pours out instead of shooting in bursts. The oral action throughout is top-notch. I like it when a man so loves to eat dick that his mouth waters from it, and I saw that several times here. The spit was literally pouring down those shafts, and the cocksuckers were obviously relishing every inch. Adriano is the true standout in the oral department because of his amazing lips. I don't know if he's had collagen injections or was actually born with those enormous lips, but he's a face fucker's dream come true. If you're into sensual lips, you'll love how Adriano uses his.

Stag Show 2 mixes three vintage pre-condom scenes with three current scenes, and the flashbacks keep things interesting and hot throughout. The older models tend to feature some body hair (Bob Moore with a full beard, John Charles with a mustache and a nice hairy chest). You'll also see two red-heads and three Latino models.

Don't miss the bonus 29-minute compilation of vintage cumshot scenes (this is a must sperm eating fans) and two hot photo galleries.