Did you ever see a bus load of hot young men (maybe members of a sports team) traveling together and wonder if they were jerking each other off as they sped along? You can bet that sometimes they are, and that's what Sex Voyager is about. Only this busload of ten well-built Czech men do much more than handjobs on their trip. They fuck and suck and rim each other (in duos and threesomes) with such gusto that I wanted to give every one of them a sloppy kiss in gratitude for the fantastic show.

This movie is simply a tremendous amount of fun, with some of the best looking studs working the best looking cocks and shooting the best looking cum I've seen all year. And you don't have to wait thirty minutes to see a climax because the action is fast and furious (and there are so many orgasms going on the filmmakers didn't have to save them up!)

Fans of romance will love how the men kiss intimately before and after they have sex, and if you get off on snowballing (those juicy cum-sharing kisses) then you'll be in heaven, because the man who shoots the very first cumshot (a facial) licks it off his buddy's face and feeds it to him as they French kiss. (This isn't the only facial or snowball scene, either.)

Rimming fans will also be in heaven, as there are some wonderfully long and enthusiastic ass worship scenes scattered throughout. If you like seeing assholes slathered with jizz or men getting post-orgasmic cum massages then you're also in for a treat. Do you like those fuck scenes where the cock slams all the way in and then pulls all the way out with each thrust? The cocks here are generally quite huge and uncut, the fuckloads tend to be generously juicy, the men are on the smooth to slightly fuzzy side, and several of them wear jockstraps throughout their shenanigans. All the men seem to be having the times of their lives and show no end to their horniness, so it's a fun ride indeed.

When one guy shoots off, he does the best vocalizing that I've ever heard — you have to hear it to believe it, and luckily he cums three times over the course of the film, so you get to hear it again and again. There's no real story here, just adorable studs doing what they do best, and I wouldn't want it any other way.