This is the story of eight well-built, smooth young men who pound steel in a metal shop, and we see them working up a sweat on the job and then letting off their own steam with each other while on sex breaks. There is English narration to the story, but the men are from a variety of cultures and speak different languages throughout (I recognized some French, German, and Eastern European languages). What I love about this film is how much fun the men have playing with each other. It's such a turn-on when a threesome can't keep smiles off their faces as they fuck and suck one another. Especially smiley are Tom Cruise look-a-like Gareth Bates, boyish Adam Kubrick (the one blond in the bunch) and newcomer Peter Ther (with pierced tongue, eyebrow, and ear), and their sweet faces simply make you smile back. You can expect to see some nice sized dicks (nothing of monstrous proportions, but plenty to admire nonetheless).

The first scene, with Devon Donis bottoming for Johnny Saint next to a fiery kiln, ends in an oral cumshot that had me hitting the remote's "back" button over and over again. Johnny opens his mouth so wide to take Devon's cum in his mouth, and his eagerness to worship his buddy's juice is a sight to behold. Later, the camera shows Martin Hoffman's face as he shoots off after an intense fuck session, and it's the sexiest, most masculine orgasm expression I've ever seen. Let's face it — sometimes a man's face looks rather ridiculous when he starts to cum. But Martin's was amazingly hot.

In addition to the fucking and sucking, there's plenty of hot kissing, body worship, solo jerking off, circle-jerks, and rimming. All of the men are very versatile, and they seem to do a bit of everything through the course of the film as long as it involves mansex.

The most interesting scene in the film is the finale, which takes place after hours when the metal shop is bathed in blue light. It has an "artsy" look, and the blue lighting adds dramatically to the sensuality of the action. Some hot oral action leads up to a standing fuck position, and I like it when the men kiss while fucking. It eventually gets so intense that Adam has to hold onto a big chain in order to not to fall over, and Johnny finally unloads the biggest cum shot of the film.

In addition to the very hot sex, there are some sensually erotic scenes in which the workers chat together while on break, some of them shirtless, and their interactions are so natural and genuine that they are quite sexy in their own way. I also loved the behind-the-scenes bonus footage, where you see the men using their own porn magazines to get extra stiff between filming scenes. It's a nice look into how porn movies are made, and you get to see the men showing off their erections and having fun together even when the cameras aren't officially on them.

My only complaint about the action is that I wish the men would vary their positions a bit more. They tend to adopt one position and stick with it until they cum, and while the action never slows down for a second, some variety would makes the scenes a bit more interesting.