Ever notice how giant cocks look especially spectacular during sun-drenched poolside threeways? If not, then get a load of Raw Sex Surfers. It's a very intense bareback adventure in which surfer hunks and skateboard punks do each other with uninhibited, totally wild abandon. No tender romance here — the action is as rough as it is raw. To give you a sense of how wild, there's double anal penetration, double mouthfuls, gullet-impaling deep-throating, self-cum eating, threeway snowballing, drinking sperm from a cocktail glass, deep rimming, tit sucking, power fucking, armpit licking, ball sucking, and the list goes on. Lovers of aggressive, masculine sex between older and younger guys will want to see this action. Every scene is a threeway, by the way.

The film begins with a deep-throating threesome and never lets up. Expect facial cumshots with mouths wide open and tongues outstretched to taste every drop. In the first big sperm explosion, a few shots of cream miss the bottom man's tonsils, so the top man licks it off his face and spits it down the bottom man's throat. In another great orgasm, we see a guy lick up all the jizz and sweat off the cumming man's torso.

Highlights include seeing one man shoot off down his own throat, one man suck on two giant cocks at once, and one man take two cocks up his ass simultaneously. All three men go crazy with excitement when the second cock slides up that ass!

Note that although the cover picture and title suggest beachside action, the opening outdoor scene is actually poolside and the rest of the film takes place in the bedroom.

At 68 minutes, the film goes by in a flash. However, it's a highly intense 68 minutes of passionate, truly hardcore sex without a wasted moment. So the running time really isn't a factor when the action is this nasty.