Giant cocks, handsome amateurs, geyser eruption after geyser eruption, and insatiable cum eating — all captured in glorious widescreen. What's not to love? Horny stud Marc Sterling traveled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania during Pride week to take on as many hot guys as he could find. He spent a week checking out seedy bars, bathhouses, hotel rooms, and mansions, finding mega-hung guys eager to feed him their hot jizz. The result is some serious cum worship! The extra-juicy cumshots get savored and swallowed with relish. And fingers get licked clean afterwards. If you love the sight of heavy mancream getting lapped up as it spurts, I can't think of a more exciting film than this.

The sperm donors are masculine tops of various ages, all with natural body hair. That means both hairy and smooth chests are on display. A few guys have shaved heads, a few sport beards or beard stubble. But most look like the handsome guy next door. Some dicks are cut, some uncut. All are big shooters.

One highlight takes place in a dance club. Clothing gets shed piece by piece, until Marc and a buddy are bumping and grinding in their briefs, and then totally naked. The first climax of the scene involves Marc jacking off geyser eruption that must be seen to be believed. I wish they had turned the widescreen camera sideways to fully capture the startling gush! But don't worry — we see plenty of those powerful jets of jizz. Then Marc watches his buddy jack off, licking the cock slit as it spurts and lapping up all the cum on his buddy's furry belly. Then a burst of fog from the fog machine magically transforms Marc's buddy into a new guy, and the sex continues. We get to see Marc shoot an amazing load straight down a twink buddy's throat. Another burst of fog, and we see Marc suck off a more rugged buddy with beard stubble, a furry torso, and a whopper cock. Then Marc drops a mega load while the guy sucks his balls.

Another highlight takes place in a hot tub, next to a roaring fire pit, overlooking an infinity pool with an amazing view of the Pittsburgh skyline. The water jets are on at full force, but the guys make plenty of waves on their own as they fuck each other's faces. Don't miss the underwater sucking.

In addition to the mouth-watering cock sucking, there's some mighty fine mutual jacking, tit sucking, deep kissing, finger fucking, and snowballing. One of Marc's buddies wants to get ass fucked, then takes an astonishing load straight into his mouth. Marc licks up the drops of cream that missed the guy's mouth and feeds it back to him, letting his buddy lick the cum off his tongue. There's even a hot threeway and two outdoor scenes.

There's frankly too much action and way too many orgasms to describe here. Suffice it to say that this film is truly stunning. No lover of oral action, geyser eruptions, cum eating, or giant dicks should dare to miss this one.