I'm convinced the horny folks at Bel Ami rubbed a genie lamp and were granted unlimited wishes. Thankfully, they decided to share the spoils with everyone! Pillow Talk 3 features nine of those wishes, embodied in breathtaking manflesh. These handsome young studs are nothing short of miraculous: world class looks, out-of-this-world endowments, and hotter than the sun. Have you been wishing for some heart-melting faces, perfect physiques, monster hardons, sizzling man-to-man action, and geyser-erupting cumshots? If so, your wish just got granted, and it's better than you probably even dared imagine.

Not only do the guys here look exquisite, but they're filmed so lovingly that you could swear you're dreaming. Bathed in golden sunlight, the guys literally glow like radiant angels. Their outrageously long and thick cocks are astonishing and have frankly left this reviewer dumbfounded. (If you're familiar with Kurt Diesel, for example, you'll know the sizes I'm talking about.) If you admire the masculine form in all its rigid glory, you're in for a truly jaw-dropping experience. Plus, every possible angle gets covered through the clever use of full-body mirrors — even in the outdoor sex scene. The entire cast is on the smooth side, by the way, but bravo for the natural fur down below.

I'm hard-pressed to say that mansex has ever looked better. Director George Duroy and his cast of super-horny heroes turn everything they do into an art form. Every frame of the film is gorgeous, but equally hot. The making out is on the romantic side, but not timid. These are young men, not boys, and they boldly go after what they want. The fucking is intense, with deep penetrations and jackhammer thrusting. The sucking is breathtaking — there's simply so much cock to take care of, and those tongues have never been busier (or happier!) Throughout the action, the guys feast on each other's perfect bodies, and body worship has never been so well-deserved. With guys this horny, it's only natural to expect multiple cumshots. And what a treat it is to see these mega-cocks shooting off again and again! Most of the couplings feature three or four big-squirting orgasms.

In addition to the supreme fucking and sucking, we're treated to top-notch 69ing, double jacking, tit licking, tongue sparring, and an outdoor two-man bubble bath. We even see two guys pour Champagne into each other's foreskins and slurp it out. (It's a surprisingly touching and sacred moment, and the guys even call it their "communion.") At the 46-minute mark, an unusually big squirting orgasm turns into an unexpected cum facial, which in turn evolves into a bit of impromptu snowballing. Luke Hamill and Alex Orioli are both clearly shocked by the volume and trajectory of the sperm, and they can't stop smiling and giggling as they deep kiss with sticky faces. That scene is a perfect example of the natural, unpredictable quality of the entire film. Don't miss the final 12 minutes of the film, where the top guy decides to change position in mid-fuck, telling his buddy, "Still better to come . . . Stay there . . . You will be surprised! Now you have to stick it in for me." The new position is great fun, by the way!

It should be noted that the guys fuck with condoms, but they always drench each other with splash after splash of hot cream (usually as they deep kiss). Every sizzling second of this film is a joyous wonderment. Once again, Bel Ami is a wish come true.