The finest porn films shine above all the others, and Parts and Service is incredibly fine. From the gorgeous well-hung men (including Chad Donovan with his legendary endowment) to the hot action and crystal clear picture, there's nothing bad I can say about this movie.

Set in an automobile garage which deals in stolen parts, there's even a cute storyline about an undercover police investigation, with the mechanics using sexual methods to smoke out who ratted on them to the cops. I was pleased to see that the majority of men in this film weren't overly shaved around their cocks, balls, and asses. And while their chests are on the smooth side, admirers of sexy bellies with treasure trails won't be disappointed. The action is top-notch, with some incredible oral and anal sex throughout (I didn't make it all the way through the first four-man orgy before I popped off the first time. By the time all four men end up fucking each other in one car, their bodies tangled every which way in a sizzling bundle of moaning manflesh, I just couldn't hold back).

Mixed in is some truly intense finger fucking, a terrific double jacking session which demonstrates the very best way to stroke two cocks with one hand and shoot off in the process, some self cum-eating, and some nice three-way fucking pileups. The true star here has to be Chad Donovan, who comes in right in the middle of the movie. Let's face it, no one can compete with that eye-popping schlong he sports, and he brings such gusto to fucking face and pounding ass. But he doesn't just dominate with that monster dick — he deep-throats like a pro, too. And wait till you see him get an ass ready for fucking. He warms up that hole with two hands and four fingers in the best finger-fuck scene I've seen to date.

I had a wonderful time getting off several times with all these hunky mechanics, and I just can't say enough good things about Parts and Service.