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DVD Reviews

a lascivious review of

Bareback Road Trip

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

This is the most exciting, beautifully-filmed bareback sex to come out in years. It's all about how young men become sex crazed during road trips.

Away from home, with no friends or fuck buddies to call on, these guys find themselves yearning for action. We're talking sexual desperation, as in urgently requiring mansex, seizing every opportunity to get it, and humping away like there's no tomorrow. These guys are virtually in a panic to get off, and solo jacking just won't do. Their cocks need a mouth or an ass to fuck, and they want to taste another man's cum as they shoot off.

Needless to say, this sort of desperation makes for very exciting action, and the way it's captured on widescreen film looks like a million bucks. Because the film is perfectly edited, there's never a dull moment, and no one scene goes on for too long. The camera is always exploring a wonderful new angle on the bodies of the gorgeous twinks and studs.

Monster cock lovers will be in heaven. There are several huge, thick cocks here that are sheer works of art. Lovers of outdoor action, tearoom action, cum eating, and forced sex will also be thrilled. Yes, about half of the sex here borders on assault, but the bottom guys want it so bad!

There are all sorts of terrific scenarios that keep the action interesting. In one scene, power top Joe Kean picks up two handsome young hitchhikers (Thomas Dyk and Tony Koch), and when Thomas goes into the woods to take a piss, Elliot sneaks up on him to give the buttfuck of a lifetime. Tony finally wanders over to see what's going on, and a cum-drenched threeway begins.

In another scene, two gorgeous hitchhikers on leave from the military (Johny Hunter and Kent Roth) go to a highway rest stop and encounter two horny guys (David Dave and Denis Reed) who are desperate for a wild four-way in the restroom.

Elsewhere, a cute twink (Frodo Kaspy) gets pulled over by two hunky cops (Gery Rake and Lubor Turek) for driving without a license, and they proceed to teach him about the law by forcefully fucking his mouth, shoving a night stick up his ass, and buttfucking the living daylights out of him. It's a hair-pulling, face-slapping, relentless assault for guys into power plays.

Other scenes take place in roadside tents as well as indoors, and we're treated to marvelous 69ing, snowballing, and power topping and bottoming. Throughout the film, cum gets sprayed into open mouths. Sometimes a sticky dick plunges back into a freshly fucked ass. In one case, a guy's mouth gets finger fucked by cum-drenched fingers. In the best cumshot, it's the taste of hot jizz that triggers a guy's own orgasm, and we see it from two angles (the second angle features no cut-aways, so we see that the orgasm was triggered by genuine passion for cumeating and not the result of editing tricks).

By the way, Joe Kean and Kent Roth sport the most perfect tits I've ever seen. I can't say enough good things about this film from Punkz. This is what hardcore bareback sex is all about.

a full-frontal review of

The Taste of Cum

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

This film stars eight cum drunk jizz hounds who can't get enough of that sweet, milky love nectar they crave so much. Check out the opening deep kissing and you'll know how intense the action is going to be. We're talking hungry, passionate, raw mansex by men who know how to use their tongues. When you see deep-throating (to the point of choking) before the two-minute mark, you know you're in for a wild ride. No twinks here, but great looking younger guys and well-built older studs who like their cum fresh, hot, and straight from the tap!

For these guys, cocksucking basically means deep-throating, and they don't consider it deep enough unless their eyes water. They take turns sucking, 69ing each other's cocks, and facefucking like wild animals. But don't think they're only interested in oral sex. Fourteen minutes into the action you'll witness some rapid-fire buttfucking that must be seen to be believed. I counted 40 powerful thrusts within a mere 8 seconds! Needless to say, any man who deep-throats to the hilt is going to pound ass to the hilt. By the way, the guys work up some powerful sweats during all that rough sex.

It's worth reiterating that there are some very good lookers in this film, with fine uncut cocks to match the handsome faces and masculine builds. The guys are all on the smooth (or trimmed) side, and most are dark featured. A few of the guys sport very closely cropped beards and buzz cuts.

In addition to the cock sucking and ass fucking, there's plenty of deep kissing, tit licking, rimming, and finger fucking. Cum shots most often get aimed at an open mouth, and in the best ones (such as 49 minutes into the action) the jizz squirts straight down the throat and is visibly swallowed. Other times, a man shoots off all over his own torso and his buddy licks him clean. Or he scoops up his own cum and licks his fingers clean.

Note that this isn't a bareback adventure. Though there's plenty of cum tasting, the men use condoms when they fuck ass.

a lascivious review of

Bareback Campers Delight

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

Did you know that when blond twinks go on camping trips, they turn into insatiable sex animals? And how! One sniff of the great outdoors, and they can't wait to go au naturel! Once again, Puppy Productions treats us to an exquisite collection of gorgeous young guys, all fantastically hung and panting for raunchy bareback sex. The DVD packaging describes the storyline of each scene, so we'll focus here on the nitty gritty.

Naked manflesh in general and dicks in particular look amazing in the warm glow of sunlight. Lovers of outdoor sex will definitely admire the hot guys having sex on the grass, their sweaty bodies framed by the blue sky. Even the sex that takes place inside tents or campers is bathed in shafts of orange sunlight. Expect to see some hefty, uncut 8-inch rods between the legs of these young studs. And you won't have to wait long. The first fat cock gets deep-throated by the four-minute mark.

We're treated to some lovely dick-to-dick action by Leo Mack and Matt Jackson, where two hard cocks get stroked by a single hand as the guys make out. Then there's mouth-watering cock sucking, of course, and some rimming to get things nice and wet for raw fucking.

One threeway (with Lucas Marshall, Dante Willows, and Leo James) takes place in and around an above-ground pool. These guys try everything, from daisy-chain sucking to two cocks in one mouth, fucking and sucking each other in a dizzying array of positions and combinations.

Another threeway (with Leo Mack, Dante Willows, and Aaron Slater) takes place on a huge trampoline, and while the guys don't exactly fuck while doing somersaults in mid-air, there is certainly a good bit of bouncing going on!

The guys tend to drench each other's bodies in jizz, often aiming for the tits. But there is one terrific open-mouthed cumshot, where sperm gets swallowed, about 70 minutes into the action.

Though fans of cumeating will wish there were more, overall this is a most beautiful production. Lovers of blond twinks in the great outdoors should be more than delighted by what they see.

an unexpurgated review of

Active Duty Barebackin' Heroes

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

Real military studs are the stars of this film. They are young, muscular heroes who serve their country and service each other's hot bodies. The guys are interviewed briefly so that we can get to know them better before they strip off their uniforms and get down to dirty mansex. If you're into tattooed military dudes who can bend like pretzels, huge dicks, very big balls, and bareback fucking, this is a fast-paced, hardcore film you won't want to miss.

First things first: you'll see some mega-sized cocks and balls on these handsome, smooth studs. The guys are so hungry for cock that they effortlessly deep-throat those monster dicks. The cocksucking is a real treat, performed with genuine passion and appreciation for manflesh. These guys aren't just going through the motions — they love every throbbing inch. And then there's the exquisite rimming and buttfucking! It's sheer beauty to see men fuck each other bareback, deep kissing throughout. They try some wild positions, which I wouldn't dream of spoiling for you.

Lovers of shower sex will be delighted by all the wet action. Most of the guys shower together after they cum, and one couple begins their session by fucking in the shower. There's also a fun solo jerk off in which the stud shoots cream all the way up to his chin. And don't miss the powerful interracial coupling in which the guys fuck each other every which way they can.

Though the action is bareback, there's no cumeating or jizz squirted up an ass. But the cumshots tend to be juicy, and don't miss the final drenching, as it's a real eye-opener.

a hard-core review of

In the Raw 2: Peter's Adventures

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

In this gorgeous widescreen production, stunningly handsome Peter plans a weekend of raw sexual adventures with some horny buddies. If you're after huge cocks, handsome faces, bareback buttfucking with only spit for lube, deep-thoating, rimming, and cum eating, look no further. This is a raw party you're welcome to crash anytime.

It's nonstop action all the way, ending with two terrific threeways. Peter starts making out with a buddy (or two), they get undressed, and they go to town on each other. They guys are all tall-dark-and-handsome types, smooth except for their sexy hairy legs, and all sport short haircuts. Though they seem to love cocksucking, it's the anal play that really gets them excited. They feast on ass like it's a Thanksgiving banquet, relishing it with their tongues and fingers. They work in plenty of spit as lube for the buttfucking to follow. The fucking is intense but unhurried. The guys don't pound away like jackhammers. Rather, they take their time and enjoy each powerful thrust. The attitude seems to be, "who needs a quickie when we can fuck all night long."

That's not to say that there's no power fucking on display. Check out the action 44 minutes into the film. The top man fucks Peter almost to the point of collapse, his sweat-soaked skin turning beet red from head to toe. He pulls out just in time to shoot his thick load all over Peter's stubbled cheek and into his open mouth.

Don't miss the especially hot threeway action 76 minutes into the film, where Peter is roughly forced to suck two cocks. Taking turns, his buddies grab his head and shove their huge dicks down his throat, pulling his head toward them with each hard thrust. At one point, three hands are pushing his head and neck, forcing him to swallow cock deeper and suck it faster.

It's fun to see just how much sex Peter can enjoy in one weekend. He takes cock like a real trooper, no matter whether it's getting shoved down his throat or pounded up his ass. No cock seems too big for him to handle, though his gasps and moans let us know he's feeling every inch.