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DVD Reviews

a lurid review of

Kyle Aames Bareback Twins

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

Lovers of poolside twink sex and threeways with identical twins will find this film to be just fine, but not outstanding. The twins action might actually be too sparse to satisfy hardcore twin fans. There's only one scene involving the Fisher twins (Alan Fisher & Alex Fisher) — in a trio with Casey Young, and one jack off scene involving the Woods twins (Mark Woods and Matt Woods), who narrate the film. On the plus side, the fucking is bareback, the guys are adorable and well-hung, and the cumshots are juicy. On the negative side, there are no facial or oral cumshots. Also, the action seems to have been shot with a non-digital camera, so viewers accustomed to crystal-clear pictures might be annoyed by a slight fuzziness.

Though we don't get much twin action, three of the five scenes involve splashy pool sex. The bedroom scene will delight lovers of young men in military uniforms. And the jack-off finale takes place on the back of a pickup truck. Each scene involves a brief interview before the action begins. The sex involves the standard sucking and fucking, with a little deep kissing and rimming here and there. One might expect the sex to be more romantic than it is, since all of the guys here are real-life boyfriends or twin brothers.

While this isn't a "must see," fans of poolside sex will probably find the action quite satisfying (if not particularly memorable).

an uncensored review of

101 Loads Part 1 - Down the Hatch

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

Some X-rated films are so graphic and extreme that the average adult film seems tame in comparison. If you qualify as a "cum pig" and desire 80 minutes of cum sucking filth (captured in glorious widescreen), then you'll love every nasty second of this film! You'll see no fewer than 50 fresh loads of cum taken down the throat, slurped out of sticky condoms, sucked out of shot glasses with a straw, and transferred from mouth to mouth. You can bet that any missed drops of jizz get licked up with relish.

This is one of those no-nonsense films where every second is hardcore. You'll see both hairy and smooth studs getting their huge cocks royally sucked off. Expect some very big-squirting dicks. When a top man shoots off, his cum gets totally worshipped, savored, and swallowed. If his sperm drips down onto his balls, his balls will get carefully and thoroughly licked clean. If his chest gets slathered with cream, his chest gets slurped clean. In other words, no drop of sperm goes untasted.

In addition to the standard blow jobs, there's power facefucking, interracial sex, threesomes, and handjobs galore. There's even a bit of very rough buttfucking thrown in for good measure. In that scene, the top man brutally fucks his buddy's ass until his buddy drops a load, then slurps up the load and spits it into his buddy's eager mouth. The guys snowball the cream, and then the top man jerks off his own load onto his buddy's tongue.

Some men jack off into shot glasses, then watch as their cum gets guzzled. The huge load of cum in one shot glass gets sucked up by a giant turkey baster, then forcibly squirted down a man's throat. Don't miss the leather orgy, where man after man pumps cum into a funnel, or the glory hole scene where fountains of jizz get caught in a glass and then slurped through a drinking straw.

Be prepared for some glorious close-ups of monster dicks squirting out mega loads of cream. It's unlikely you'll ever see cumshots captured so perfectly on film, or cum gobbled up so greedily. At least not until part two arrives, promising another 50 loads!

a lurid review of

Bare Mountains

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

This is one stunning piece of work. Imagine a dozen young cowboy studs, dressed in full regalia, so horny for mansex that they practically eat each other alive. Wait till you see how these guys define foreplay! When they kiss, it's a four-course meal, beginning at the lips and then covering the full face, head, and neck. So you can imagine the enthusiasm they bring to cocksucking, cum eating, and bareback fucking. The best part is that we're treated to over two hours of this glorious action.

It's wild action, alright, but genuine affection is incredibly hot its own right. The guys can't keep their fingers off each other. When one guy gets sucked off, he tenderly massages his buddy's head, thankful for the supreme pleasure of the blowjob. These are deeply sensual young men, in tune with each other and with their own bodies. The guys also massage themselves during sex, luxuriating in the feel of their own skin. It's a joy to watch.

Looking for big, magnificent, uncut dicks? You'll find them here, in abundance, framed by sexy denim and leather. The buttfucking is powerful and relentless, just as you'd imagine a cowboy would do it. Cumshots tend to get aimed right for the face, then cocks are licked clean and the guys snowball to share the taste of jizz. Don't miss the lip-smacking facial/oral cumshot 40 minutes into the film. It's beyond hot.

Also not to be missed is the exciting four-way fuck and suck fest. It ends in a circle jerk, with one lucky cowboy getting drenched by all the loads. Expect some big-squirting cumshots! In addition to the fucking and sucking, there are some lovely mutual handjobs, some mouth-watering rimming, finger fucking, body oiling, and ball sucking.

With beautiful photography, stunning men, and exquisite sex, this film earns the highest recommendation.

an unexpurgated review of

Construction Bareback

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

If you do any construction work yourself, you'll probably be able to eyeball the cocks in this film and estimate their lengths. If not, you may be inspired to hang around more construction workers! The guys in this film are all fine young studs who work hard and play hard (accent on the "hard"). If you're an admirer of great big balls, rigid monster cocks that point straight up, and bareback action, you'll find this film to be non-stop fun.

This isn't a film about pussy bottom boys getting fucked. It's about strong studs who are man enough to handle a huge cock inside of them. You'll see some intense, painful buttfucking, every thrust bravely endured. Wait till you see those huge bull-balls swinging with the action! This is genuine, sweaty stud sex, and it's powerful stuff.

Several of the studs sport tattoos, and all are on the smooth side. All of the men are insatiably horny, and they treat us to some terrific action. In addition to the power fucking and sucking, we see some wonderful open-mouthed cumshots (where you see the recipient swallow the jizz), ball sucking, finger fucking, deep throating, voyeurism, rimming, and deep kissing. In addition to the oral cumshots, there are anal cumshots where the fuckhole gets slathered in cream and the cock pushes it back inside. One couple is so horny that they have multiple orgasms in a single session, cumming in the ass, in the mouth, on the chest, in the mouth again, then snowballing the jizz.

Every scene in this film is a first-rate celebration of mansex at its most passionate. And did I mention those amazing cocks and balls?

an explicit review of

On Bareback Pond

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

The great outdoors just got greater! Imagine eight fun-loving young Czech studs going off together on a fishing trip. With sun-kissed muscles and wild, bareback sex on a scenic lakeside, this is a boys'-day-out you don't want to miss.

Needless to say, the fly fishing lasts about two minutes, and then the guys start fishing for flies of a different sort. And they do catch some big ones — uncut cocks, that is! Between the handsome, well-hung guys and the luscious scenery, there's a lot to appreciate here. The lake is placid, but the guys make their own splashes.

Let's face it: sex looks fantastic when filmed in natural light. These guys would look great in any setting, but their skin literally glows in the sunlight reflecting off the sand and water.

We're treated to all sorts of man-to-man action. There's tit sucking, ball licking, deep kissing, cock sparring, muscle appreciation, cock sucking, power face fucking, deep throating, spanking, butt fucking, mutual masturbation, rimming, and cum drenchings. There's even some roughhousing that leads to a playful (yet still brutal) assault against a tree.

Note that while this film involves bareback fucking, no cum gets squirted up an ass, on a face, or down a throat. But the guys always drench each other's chests or crotches with sperm.

While it would have been great to see some facial and oral cumshots, it's hard to find fault in a film that's so beautiful to watch.