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DVD Reviews

a hard-core review of

Elixir Love Potion #1

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

Here's the story: A new elixir is tested on a focus group of nine sexy Brazilian studs. The potion takes sexual desire to a new high! Above and beyond the inventor's expectations, this new concoction has every man's cock rock hard and raging for intense, hardcore action. Lovers of masculine studs having rough sex outdoors will be in heaven with this film.

These insatiably horny studs do indeed go on a sexual rampage, and every wild moment of it is caught on film! Imagine monster cock facefucking that surpasses normal physical endurance. Imagine chain fucking of such intensity that the men are literally screaming with pain and pleasure. Imagine poolside threeways in which guys pour red wine onto each other's torsos and then suck it off, just to moisten their mouths for power deep-throating. Imagine muscular men drenching each other in hot sperm, their sweaty bodied glistening in the hot Brazilian sun. That's what you get in this film, and plenty more.

Keep an eye out for some great tattoos on display. In addition to the monster cocks, there are some king-sized balls swinging around that will definitely catch your attention.

In addition to the rough anal and oral fucking, there's a good deal of tit sucking to enjoy. We're also treated to some deep kissing and rimming.

Note that the men use condoms when they fuck. The bottom men tend to shoot off with a huge cock up their ass. After sex, we always watch the guys get dressed again (a sort of "reverse stripping").

The cast doesn't speak English, and there are no subtitles, but the erotic body language will be universally understood.

All in all, the men are gorgeous, and they pound away at each other about as fast and enthusiastically as they possibly could. This one's a keeper.

an uninhibited review of

Atlanta Cum - Gimme Some Sugar

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

The city of Atlanta is nicknamed "Hotlanta." Does it deserve its reputation? You'd better believe it! Cumhound Traviss Sparks and the horny amateur studs of Atlanta treat us to two hours of all cocksucking, all cumeating action, and it's nothing short of incredible. If it's spit and sperm that float your boat, then get ready for a wild cruise.

The photography is in glorious widescreen, to capture every inch of the massive manmeat on display. You'll see some true monster cocks here, and they spray jizz like a fire hose. The sex is 100% hardcore, condomless, and as sloppy as can be. There's stunning deep-throating and furious facefucking. Tonsils get pounded into oblivion. This style of facefucking is so intense that tears flow from the bottom man's eyes. (Tears of joy as well as panic; you'll understand when you see what super-sucker Traviss is swallowing to the hilt!)

The heavy cumshots are everything you could hope for. Jizz gets lapped up and savored by hungry tongues. In one hot scene, the top man pumps no fewer than 12 huge squirts of cum into a hungry mouth. If ever the cum isn't immediately swallowed, it gets shared during sizzling-hot snowballing sessions. In another great scene, you'll see a guy spit an entire load of fresh cream into the top man's mouth. Then the top man licks the rest of his sperm off the bottom man's lips and chin.

You'll also see a mega-hung top man spray cum down Traviss' throat, then suck drops of sperm off his own cock and feed it to Traviss as they deep kiss. When Traviss shoots off his own load onto his belly, the top man slurps it up and then spits it into Traviss' mouth. They share the flavor of sperm as they deep kiss.

The guys are all handsome, masculine, well hung, and simply crazy for cock and cum. Natural pubes and lots of beard stubble is on display for admirers of hot men oozing with testosterone. There are both cut and uncut cocks, cockrings, piercings, and tattoos as well.

In addition to the cocksucking and facefucking, there's some terrific deep kissing, finger sucking, handjobs, ball sucking, and self-cumeating. In the hot threeway scenes, we see one man suck two cocks simultaneously and two men worship one cock. One of the threeways involves interracial sex. There's even an orgy finale, where Traviss' mouth is the target of a power-squirting circle-jerk.

This film easily earns a 5-star rating. It exceeds every expectation and is a glorious celebration of cocksucking and cumeating without a wasted moment or a wasted drop.

a hard-core review of

NY Cum

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

Blue Alley Studios tours the globe in search of amateur studs with the biggest cocks and the juiciest loads, all to be gobbled up by truly insatiable cum hounds. The first half of this New York installment focuses on hot daddy-types meeting up in a motel room, and the second half features young guys getting each other off in a sleazy corner of the subway. At just over one hour, this is a rather short film, but the citizens of New York are famous for their fast-paced lifestyle. Rest assured that monster dicks are shooting off cream every few minutes in this film. Not a drop of sperm is wasted, either. If you're turned on by the sight of a man's goatee dripping with jizz as he licks clean the slit of a monster cock that just fucked his face, or by a young cocksucker who can stuff two fat hardons into his mouth at once, then this is the film for you.

As you would expect, the sex is 100% hardcore, condomless, and ultra-sticky. The daddy studs all very masculine, incredibly well-hung, and desperate to squirt loads of hot mancream into a hungry mouth. Admirers of butch men will appreciate the natural body hair on display (most of the top men sport furry bellies and chests). The younger guys later on are handsome, smooth, and hung like horses. There are more uncut cocks that cut ones, which allows for lots of foreskin play throughout the film.

Our host Marc Spitts (a better last name would be "Swallows") is a delight to watch suck dick. He loves the taste of jizz so much, he's practically giddy for it. He services his men with total dedication, and he turns sex into an art form. When you witness the sheer amount of cock he can take down his throat, you may well stagger back in awe. (By the way, Marc is a big-dicked, hairy-chested wonder himself.) Marc even downs a glass of cum left by a buddy of his who couldn't be there for the video shoot. But Marc isn't greedy for cum — he'll share one cock with a fellow cocksucker and deep kiss the sperm afterwards.

In addition to the cocksucking, deep-throating, and facefucking, we're treated to double-sucking, snowballing, foreskin nibbling, hair pulling, jacking with lots and lots of spit lube, spit sharing, dirty talking, threeways, older/young pairings, ball licking, finger sucking, and suit-and-tie sex. Needless to say, every load of cum gets eaten. Marc even eats the sperm he shoots off while he sucks other men's dicks.

I would be tempted to criticize this film for its short running time, but quite frankly the action is so furious that it felt like two hours of sex. So much goes on, with so many men, that I have to admit it's great as it is.

a lurid review of


by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

Strong, tough, masculine, working men are the focus of Meat! No twinks here, just powerful daddy sex pigs having the kind of nasty, sloppy mansex only they can pull off. If you're into muscles, buzz cuts, monster cocks, rough throat-poundings, relentless ass rammings, spit feeding, giant dildos, and cum eating, here's a whopping 130 minutes of hardcore, widescreen porn that's not to be missed.

Our story begins with bearded stud Phil Stevens working in his attic. Out the window he spies muscle hunk Duke working in the yard, pounding in fence posts. Sweaty Duke removes his shirt to reveal his muscular physique and multiple tattoos. Phil unbuttons his own shirt as he watches Duke work. Duke eventually catches the eye of his admirer and decides to go up to the attic. The men's mouth lock together immediately, and they kiss wildly as they grope each other's bulging jeans. In moments, we're treated to some astonishing power deep-throating, rimming, and anal assault. Phil finally sprays Duke's sweaty torso with hot jizz. Duke adds his own load to the sticky mess, and Phil licks it all up.

From here, the action gets much, much kinkier. For example, you'll see a sex slave (chained in a barn) forced to suck a giant dildo. The slave is fed gob after gob of his master's spit and made to lick spit off the dildo. After several minutes, the slave is literally drenched in whatever spit he hasn't already swallowed. As he sucks dick, his master keeps the spit flowing, dropping more and more gobs onto his cock to lubricate the shaft and his slave's lips. If you're into spit sex, you'll see rivers of spit by the time the brutal anal beating begins. The slave's hole is assaulted by fingers, cock, and various giant dildos (literally pounded in to the hilt). The dildos get progressively bigger, until they're bigger than a man's arm. Can the slave handle the assault? Truth be told, he fucking loves every minute! He finally shoots off a huge load while sucking sperm off his master's fingers.

The rest of the film features more forced (and gag-inducing) deep-throating, beard sucking, threeways, ball sucking, armpit licking, double jacking, tit slapping and pinching, deep kissing, spanking, finger fucking, finger sucking, cum facials, 69ing, and lots more spit eating. All of the men are muscular, tattooed, and either power tops or power bottoms. Two of the men have hairy chests.

This one is not for the squeamish. It's big-league action. And it's quite a show.

an unexpurgated review of

Hard at Play

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

If only they could all be this hot, unusual, and remarkable! Hard at Play is luscious twink sex, with all the big dicks, horny enthusiasm, and oral cumshots you're hoping for. It's no-nonsense, passionate action with very special moments that take it from "merely excellent" to "totally fantastic." Okay, enough adjectives. Let's explore some of the very special moments.

One occurs within the first 5 minutes. After some lovely cock sucking and smooth-as-silk deep throating, we see a "tonsil job." Ever seen a tonsil job? It's when the sucker opens his jaw really wide and, hands-free, slides his buddy's cock across his tonsils and the roof of his mouth. Needless to say, it's hot!

Another special moment occurs two minutes later, when Camden DeMarco throws up his legs and shows how he can suck his own dick. That moment is made even more special when his buddy (Defiant exclusive Gunner Raines) leans in to add his tongue to the action. It's deep kissing, cock sucking, and self-sucking all at the same time. The guys are all smiles, and no doubt every viewer is, as well. After more cock sucking and some nice butt fucking, Gunner spurts cream all over Camden's hungry tongue. Some of the thick jizz dangles heavily off Camden's chin, so Gunner wipes it off and swallows it himself. Then Gunner opens wide to receive Camden's load. He swallows the sperm before Camden snowballs him to share the flavor of cum. It's 15 minutes of pure heaven.

One of the best moments occurs in scene 4 (about an hour into the film). Newcomer Scott Ryder (who sports a great body with a lightly hairy chest) performs exquisite rimming on Defiant exclusive Kaos. Scott does what might, for lack of a better expression, be called "brown nosing." In addition to working that lovehole with his lips and tongue, Scott uses his nose. It's wonderfully hot, and the whole scene is positioned perfectly: Scott is lying on his back, with Kaos squatting over his face. So we see Kaos' fine ass cheeks and hole as well as Scott's face and chest. If you find a man's jaw line, chin, and neck to be sexy, you'll adore watching Scott in this position. We're also treated to lots of deep kissing, ball sucking, and rimming from these guys. But wait till you see them share a 2-foot long double dildo! They have so much fun, they can't stop giggling. Kaos finally shoots a huge load into Scott's mouth, and Scott swallows it all. Then the guys snowball the jizz glazing Scott's lips.

To give you an idea of what else is in store, here's a brief overview of the rest of the action. In scene 2, newcomer Richard Conelli's right hand is in a cast (from a motorcycle accident), but sex with buddy Casper Cox takes his mind off the pain. The guys stroke off while watching porn and suck each other's fine cocks. But Casper loves getting fucked, and he pumps a big load mere moments after Richard's dick slides up his ass.

In scene 3, Defiant exclusive Roar pairs up with Matthew Matters for some terrific 69ing and some intense buttfucking. Matthew finally has to beg Roar to pull that big dick out of him, saying, "I can't take it anymore . . . my poor ass!" Luckily, Roar had reached the point of no return, and he immediately creams all over Matthew.

In the romantic grand finale, Roar returns to team up with Trent Knight. The guys enjoy some ultra hot body worship, frenetic face fucking, 69ing, and butt fucking a variety of positions. Then they stroke off while holding hands and deep kissing, finally plastering each other's chests, faces, and tongues with cream.

The stars are all a joy to watch. They're adorably handsome and have gorgeous smiles. They eat dick and fuck ass like wild men. And in virtually every scene, the guys taste their own cum as well as their buddy's. This one is very highly recommended!