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DVD Reviews

a graphic review of

Ridin' High on Bareback Mountain

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

This one's a real "can't miss" erotic masterpiece.

Imagine being stranded on a snowy mountaintop, sharing a cozy retreat with a bunch of fantastically cute and ultra-horny young men. Cabin fever quickly leads to sexual frenzy! The boys end up riding each other long and hard, pumping and fucking and sucking in the great outdoors.

Their faces are adorable, their bodies are exquisite, their thick and uncut cocks are swollen to perfection, and their passion is never-ending.

Attention lovers of hardcore sensuality: even the snuggling here is hot enough to earn an X rating! This guaranteed classic is a wild celebration of masculine companionship at its finest. The action begins with the boys frolicking in the snow together, enjoying a crazy snowball fight and kicking up a true blizzard in the process. Their handsome, laughing faces will endear you to every one of them.

Then it's time to follow the guys indoors and watch as they snuggle under blankets to fight the chill. Warm up they do, and then some! This isn't the sort of film where the director yells "Action" and the guys start fucking before their cocks are even hard. Rather, this is the sort of film where the guys are so genuinely into each other that the director probably never had to yell "Action" at all. What a treat to see young men enjoying each other's bodies so thoroughly and lovingly! This kind of joyous, intensely passionate sex is rare indeed, and it sets this film head-over-heels above the rest.

Lovers of sensual, romantic foreplay may well have a new favorite film here. In the first scene, for instance, you'll see how a guy can get buttfucked before any penetration occurs. It's a fantastically sexy ass-frottage, the perfect warm up for the intense anal ramming to follow. How does the sex feel? Just look at the guys' faces. They're both giddy with pleasure, practically laughing with delight. It's one of the most life-affirming love scenes ever captured on film.

Every scene that follows maintains this level of playful, joyous, animalistic sex. Here is a sampling of the action you can expect: oral and anal cumshots, ass biting, enthusiastic cum eating, snowballing, tender body worship, tit play, deep kissing (including three-way kissing), erotic snuggling, spit-lubed bareback fucking, threeways on a pool table, handjobs, solo jack offs in the tub, guys jerking off all over each other's chests, self cum-eating, and face fucking.

It's worth repeating: this guaranteed classic is not-to-be-missed!

an uncensored review of

Bareback Escort Service

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

What's not to love about 109 minutes of no-nonsense, bareback mansex? The pace is fast and furious, and the guys never pause to catch their breath. There are great big, uncut dicks galore on lots of hot guys, some young and slender and others sporting fine, muscular builds. Lovers of juicy cock worship and powerful buttfucking will definitely be moaning along with the cast of this film.

Each scenario involves a horny guy calling up an escort service for some masculine companionship. Luckily, the escorts arrive seconds later, hardons in hand! The action is 100% condom-free, and while cum always get shared it isn't squirted down throats or up asses. The guys here prefer to shoot their sticky loads onto each other's chests and asses after they suck and fuck.

There are lots of great touches throughout, like 20 minutes into the action when the top man gives his bottom buddy a sensual foot massage while he rams his ass like a maniac.

The guys are handsome and horny, and you'll love the king-sized balls that go with the king-sized dicks. Several guys sport tattoos and piercings. Body hair is closely trimmed, so lovers of smooth bodies (and the occasional shaved genitals) will like what they see.

Forget the foreplay — this film is turbo-charged hardcore all the way. Expect to enjoy plenty of very hot deep kissing, tit pinching and licking, ball sucking, cock sucking with lots of spit lube, deep-throating, jacking off, rimming, and ass pounding. All in all, you're in for a very good time.

an unexpurgated review of

Bareback Police

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

This is one very exciting film! Horny young riot police go on a sexual rampage of their own, nightsticks in one hand and rigid hardons in the other. This is a sizzling bareback adventure in its finest, stickiest glory. Fat, uncut cocks spray mancream into freshly-fucked asses and down hungry throats. It's wild, raw sex performed by desperately horny young studs. Most of the action involves threeways and four-ways, and every powerful second is exquisite.

We begin with a ravenous trio scene. Two sexy cops awaken for their shift and begin putting on their uniforms, only to be joined by a third stud who's eager to suck some cock and get his ass royally fucked. These guys go at each other like they haven't had sex in months and need to make up for lost time. They fuck and suck every which way they can, never slowing down until they're covered in mancream. We're treated to perfect cumshots, where the jizz squirts in strong, heavy bursts, straight into eager mouths.

Next, we join a cop accosting a young man in a restroom. They frisk each other by the urinals, stripping off clothing as they check for hard weapons in the pants. Some enthusiastic sucking gets their cocks well-lubed for anal action. They fuck standing, and the bottom guy (one foot propped on a urinal) endures an intense ramming that has him moaning with equal amounts of pleasure and pain. He's rewarded with a cum facial before shooting his own load on the cop's hairy leg.

Then we're treated to another hot trio, as three giddy cops undress each other. The guys are so excited about having sex that they can't stop smiling. They eat dick and ass with great relish, then fuck up a storm. Two cops pump cream all over the third guy's ass, then watch as the bottom jerks off his own load. But this is merely a warm-up for the four-way scene that follows. Two cops force two prisoners onto a bed and roughly strip search them. Lovers of forced sex and monster cocks will especially enjoy this scene. And one cop sports a sexy hairy chest. These cops fuck hard, ramming their cocks to the hilt. After thoroughly working over the prisoners, the cops go at one another and let the prisoners fuck each other. Then it's time to eat cum. The guys aim for the open mouth, and the cum gets thoroughly worshipped. All four guys snowball the jizz when they're finished creaming.

And there's still another half-hour of sizzling action, but you get the idea of what to expect. With multiple guys in every scene, the tangled configurations of manflesh are always interesting. The guys always fuck hard and cum hard, and that's what it's all about.

an uncensored review of

House of Bareback

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

Ten young students take a winter break together they'll never forget. Outdoors, they enjoy snowball fights and skiing. Inside their chalet and clubhouse, they manage to keep toasty warm with indoor sports — and the bedroom is even steamier than the Jacuzzi! Ultra-long dicks, insatiably horny guys, and intense bareback sex make this film an instant classic. If you admire attractive young men who don't let a drop of sperm go to waste, you can't afford to miss House of Bareback.

Lovers of great big bulges will get a kick out of the opening scene, where a horny boy descends from his loft bed sporting an enormous morning wood through his boxer briefs. Aching for relief, he gently wakes up a buddy who turns out to be quite delighted to begin his day with a dick in his face! In moments, we're treated to a hair-pulling face fuck, as our horny boy stands over his buddy and brutally rams his throat. (This is such a rough, relentless facefuck that one sincerely hopes a male nurse was readily available to offer comfort afterwards.)

But our boy isn't selfish: he deep-throats his buddy in a startling scene in which he rapidly rams his own face down his buddy's long shaft, taking every last millimeter down his throat. The guys 69 each other as if they live to suck dick, and they don't seem to require oxygen! Then they rim like there's no tomorrow, savoring ass like it's a full banquet, then tongue-fucking like madmen. If you love mouth-watering rimming, this scene may well become an all-time favorite.

That juicy ass is now ready for a deep, intense probing. Our horny boy's cock is as eager to fuck ass as his tongue was, and he makes topping an art form. If you've ever seen a cow getting milked, that's how the jizz squirts onto the bottom's ass. The cum gets pushed back inside as the top guy humps some more. Then he worships his buddy's orgasm, taking cum onto his lips, chin, and tongue before sucking the swollen shaft clean and visibly swallowing all the sperm. The guys snowball afterwards in a romantic finale to their powerful lovemaking.

As the film progresses, the dicks just keep on growing. It's almost unbelievable how well-hung these guys are. (There are some low-hanging balls that will have you hypnotized, as well!) The sex throughout is astonishingly passionate. The kissing scenes are just as hot as the hardcore sucking and fucking. To say that the guys are into each other would be an understatement. They're so into each other, so excited about sex, that it's a wonder they can hold off from cumming for even ten seconds.

Things get even hotter when we join the guys in the steam room and Jacuzzi. One sweaty guy jerks off in the sauna as he watches two of his buddies fool around in the water, then joins them for a fantastic threeway. They take turns fucking each other's asses, two of them deep kissing while the other pounds away. As usual, they're eager to taste each other's jizz, always aiming their cumshots toward open mouths and coating each other's tongues in sticky sperm.

Expect loads of deep kissing, ball sucking, rimming, deep-throating, oral cumshots, anal cumshots, and snowballing. And lovers of big-squirting orgasms will thrill to the mega-blasts of cum on display.

Bravo to Stephane Moussu for directing another masterpiece.

an uncensored review of

Bareback Beginners 13

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

Thirteen is a very lucky number when it comes to Bareback Beginners 13. The dozen stunningly handsome young men are equipped with ultra-fine, thick cocks, and raw mansex has never looked finer. This isn't just guys going through the motions on camera — this is genuine, masculine passion shared by horny studs who can't get enough of one another. If you appreciate the difference between giving a blow job and truly eating dick, or the difference between getting buttfucked and riding a cock for all it's worth, then don't miss this film.

The stars are slim but muscular guys with smooth chests, naturally furry pubes and asses, and fantastic endowments. You'll see some monster cocks that you won't soon forget. The guys suck and fuck with abandon, nary a condom in sight. Several of the guys eat cum — both their buddy's and their own.

The action begins with a real bang. Hot blonds Sascha and Linard whip out their very fat uncut cocks for a steaming session of fast stroking, juicy sucking, gag-inducing deep-throating, and rapid-fire facefucking (the fastest mouth-pounding I've seen on film). But they're just getting warmed up! It's time to carefully slide those massive, hard cocks up some butt. The guys fuck bareback in several fantastic positions before shooting off their sticky loads. No oral or anal cumshots here, which is a shame, but frankly the guys are so dazzlingly attractive that one can hardly complain. These are two genuinely striking young men, with exquisite bodies, handsome faces, and cocks the stuff of dreams.

Fans of young guys with fine, big muscles will love the second scene, starring Martin and Pepa. The guys start off with some passionate body-worship, sucking on each other's fine pecs and kissing their way down to the bulges down below. The oral action is fantastic, and we learn how to give a swollen cockhead the royal treatment. Then it's time for some luscious rimming and intense buttfucking in a standing position. We're treated to a drenching facial and oral cumshot, with lots of sperm tasting, followed by a chest slathering that gets licked up.

And there are three more scenes to go, each with enormous cocks (that take two hands to handle) and ravenous sucking, rimming, and fucking. Don't miss the moment where one guy creams all over his buddy's cock, providing him with some hot lube to jack off his own load. The guys are so happy after shooting off, they literally fall onto the floor laughing. There's also some fun outdoor sex and 69ing.

All in all, Bareback Beginners 13 is a delightful treat from beginning to end.