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DVD Reviews

a lascivious review of

Raw Courage

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

Get ready for a jaw-dropping, heart-pounding, dick-throbbing peek into a masculine world completely hidden from the public eye — the military barracks. It is here that the most dangerous conquests take place, as fellow soldiers come face to face with forbidden sexual desires that no martial law or barrel of a gun has the power to staunch.

We join 14 horny young studs as they work up powerful sweats during basic training, then exhaustedly collapse upon one another, unable to hold back their natural lusts. It's a totally bareback adventure, with rock hard cocks fucking tight raw asses and feeding hungry mouths. If you're in the mood for mansex with a power and desperation exclusive to military men, Raw Courage delivers nearly two hours of unforgettable action. Even before surrendering to their forbidden passions, our fine young soldiers are panting and sweating from their muscle-bulging workouts. So sex scenes start out wet and ends even wetter. This is the sort of film where the sex is dirty and the men's bodies are even dirtier afterwards!

Fans of cocksucking will be in awe of the massive uncut hardons that get thoroughly and lovingly worshipped. That's right — our studs are incredibly well-hung, with great big balls to match the huge shafts. They love getting their faces drenched with sperm, then can't wait to taste each other's jizz as they suck those sticky cocks clean.

The buttfucking is nothing short of amazing. Imagine a drill sergeant who ends every training session with a brutal anal assault, pounding his huge dick up a helpless recruit's ass while jacking him with a leather-gloved hand. Imagine a monster-hung medic whose thorough examinations involve cock sucking, rimming, 69ing, and boots-in-the-air buttfucking. This is the sort of intense action you can expect throughout the film. There's also fun stuff like wild four-ways in tents, naked kickboxing, circle jerks, and communal shower scenes that develop into intense five-man orgies.

Cum lovers will be in heaven. You'll see guys getting fed their own cum, visibly swallowing each other's loads, enjoying full facial drenchings, and snowballing afterwards to savor the flavor. One guy takes on three of his fellow-recruits' orgasms onto his chest, and another guy takes on four loads onto his face and into his mouth. The sweat-soaked grand finale three-way features some post-orgasmic fucking and even more ravenous cum eating.

If you've seen even one film by director Vlado Iresch, you know he's a master at super-erotic bareback action. Raw Recruits maintains his high standard and comes highly recommended.

an explicit review of

The Groomsmen

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

En route to his wedding, handsome young William can't resist having one last power fuck with his well-hung best man. So begins a spectacular bareback sexual adventure of unbridled passion. Imagine a cast of ten horny groomsmen, dressed to the nines (the nine-inchers, that is), who are literally panting and gasping to suck and fuck. The duos, trios, and foursomes here are a revelation of how wildly hot mansex can be.

The Groomsmen presents an spree of ecstatic, frenzied, heartfelt sex, unlike anything ever captured on film. That's a bold statement, and it's not made lightly. This classy production, filmed on location in London, is unmatched and genuinely unforgettable. The great-looking cast sports huge, uncut cocks, smooth chests, and insatiable sexual appetites. What an erotic treat it is to witness two young studs so excited by one another that they're on the verge of passing out.

The action is literally spine-tingling — a lick of the ass can end up traveling all the way up the back to an earlobe! Expect to see plenty ultra passionate deep kissing, wildly enthusiastic rimming with lots of spit, hot 69ing, deep-throating, mutual jacking, power fucking, finger fucking, and juicy cumshots. If you're into car sex, wait till you see the hood of an automobile get glazed with two loads of stud cream, followed by an intense threeway in the back of a moving limo.

Lovers of cumeating will flip over a particular hot moment during that threeway: one groomsman shoots off into his blond buddy's open palm, and the guys enthusiastically share the juice before sucking that sticky cock clean. Of course, that's just one cumshot during the threeway, and rest assured that every guy gets a good taste of every fresh load.

A brilliant four-way finale treats us to some marvelous jackhammer fucking, chain fucking, and open-mouth cum facials where the sperm gets greedily swallowed. The tender (yet astonishingly hot) six-hand cum massage at the end looks absolutely heavenly.

Add a terrifically fun story line to all that incredible sex and you have a veritable masterpiece on your hands. Some adult films are simple diversions, while others go beyond mere titillation and inspire a renewed appreciation of mansex in all its incredible facets. The Groomsmen is a unique testament to the power of male bonding at its most fevered and most intimate. It is an awe-inspiring accomplishment and a film to cherish.

an uninhibited review of

Crossing the Line

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

Fans of director Joe Serna will be absolutely delighted to hear that he's once again brought a bunch of horny, mostly straight young studs together to stretch their horizons a bit. The guys jack off their enormous hardons, experiment with some cocksucking and deep-throating, and even experience some intense anal fucking and threeways. Best of all, we're invited to the party! If you know Serna's work, you know to expect nothing but first class hardcore action, truly humongous dicks, juicy money shots, and cum-eating galore (including self cum-eating).

One highlight occurs in scene two, where horse-hung Liam Anderson and Levi Davis enjoy a mutual j/o of their monster dicks. Liam can't resist licking Levi's swollen cock slit as he spurts hot jizz. With his lips still glazed with Levi's fresh cum, Liam drops his own thick load and tastes it.

In scene three, Reece Ander and Daniel Kane have a sizzling romantic session in which they can hardly keep their tongues out of each other's mouths. As much as they love sucking each other's dicks, they can't get enough deep kissing. After lots of passionate making out, they experience some very intense anal sex (of the hurts-so-good variety). They fuck each other in all sorts of positions, then aim their jizz for the face. Get ready for an astonishing sperm drenching, plenty of cum tasting, and snowballing.

The threeway finale is also a lot of fun, with some double-sucking, power fucking, open-mouth cumshots, and geyser eruptions thrown into the mix. All in all, this is everything we've come to count on from Joe Serna's mouth watering adventures.

a lurid review of

Bareback Club 69

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

Bareback Club 69 is the name of an exclusive sex club where horny guys come to sample (or should I say "devour") the talents of a very accommodating staff. Director Alan Pelican pumps up the delectable twink bareback genre by adding a bit of muscle to the sticky mix. He presents a terrific cast, half of whom are slender twinks and the other half beefier young studs. If you're in the mood to see some cream-filled Adonises go for the gold, this should hit the spot.

Bareback Club 69 isn't a hangout for guys with kinky fetishes. Expect only good, clean fun (literally clean, as two scenes take place in a bathtub!) Both the clients and call boys are in particularly good shape, very well-hung, and uncut. The guys fool around according to their whims, and we see all sorts of action: jacking with a buddy's jizz for lube, deep-throating, 69ing, ass slapping, teabagging, hard fucking, deep kissing, tit sucking, chest glazings, pole dancing, and shower hoses. There's one cum facial, and it looks so good that it's too bad there weren't more. The focus is on condomless fucking, not oral cumshots, so lovers of jizz eating will want to look elsewhere. Note that even though the ass play is raw, there is no post-orgasmic penetration.

Every scene ends with the spent client handing a wad of cash to his well-abused call boy, and in every case I'd say that the guys got more than they paid for.