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DVD Reviews

an uncensored review of

Moving In

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

Go ahead and pinch your tits to prove you're not dreaming. This unqualified masterpiece offers a whopping 163 minutes of absolutely choice young stud sex, with a compelling story to boot. The DVD cover advertises only 150 minutes — they probably thought 163 minutes was too unbelievable! To call the eight horny stars "stunning" would be a severe understatement. These guys are utterly exquisite, with great personalities to match their extraordinary physiques. They bring a passion to mansex that's in a class all its own. For these guys, every inch of the body is a sexual organ (not just the monster cock). When they get together, they don't merely suck or fuck — they celebrate life, love, and masculinity. This classy, luscious film is a beauty to behold and a thrilling testament to the power and magnificence of man-to-man action.

Imagine two young college students so hungry to devour one another that they can't keep their mouths in one place for very long. Imagine two guys who enjoy those deep, dirty kisses just as much as sucking cock or fucking ass. For the studboys in this film, the masculine body is an entire smorgasbord, and they can't resist sampling every last morsel. For this reviewer, mansex doesn't get any better than that! When passions run this hot, the action is an unrelenting frenzy of desperate tongues, throbbing cocks, hungry fuckholes, and heaving flesh.

Over and over again, we witness true expressions of brotherhood. No one is selfish — a top guy doesn't just fuck his buddy's ass, but he jacks him off, sucks his dick, massages his chest, and/or deep kisses him throughout the pounding. These are fully shared experiences of male bonding. It's never one guy doing something to another, but two guys partaking of an incredible adventure together. When one guy shoots off, the sight of his creaming cock instantly triggers his buddy's orgasm. That sort of genuine intimacy can't be faked. And it makes for powerful viewing, indeed.

The sex is presented within the context of the young men's social lives in the city of Prague. We follow the guys through typical days and nights of meeting buddies at the local bar or dance club, then getting together in groups of two, three, and four to satisfy those wild cravings (at least temporarily!) Along the way, we get to know the guys in a rather deep way. Through their casual conversations with each other, we learn about their situations. For example, one guy was just thrown out of his house by his argumentative dad and is looking for a new place to stay. His former boyfriend could offer an apartment (owned by his father, a diplomat in Mexico), but he's afraid the place would get wrecked. The background stories develop naturally and offer an interesting emotional undercurrent to the sex. This sort of depth makes the sex vastly more interesting and meaningful.

Expect to see gorgeous smiling faces, ultra fine twink physiques, and some extraordinarily long, uncut dicks (pushing foot-long status). Top guys tend to fuck their buddies till they cum, then quickly pull out to add their own sperm to the mix. Occasionally, the guys will jack off their loads together after fooling around. Lovers of deep kissing before, during, and after sex will be in heaven.

In addition to the standard action, we get some voyeuristic peeks at guys showering solo (as well as having mad, wet sex), pissing in a urinal (then jacking a load of sperm down the drain), dancing playfully, and tumbling through the snow together.

One of the hottest scenes occurs outdoors, on the overgrown tracks of an rusty old railway. After one guys erupts a geyser of sperm, his buddy can't resist sucking the sticky shaft clean.

Another real standout occurs at the top of the final hour. The bottom guy is so happy to get his ass fucked that he can't stop smiling. In fact, he's literally giddy throughout the session, and it's joyous to behold. In this scene, the guys are so horny that they don't stop after one orgasm.

And don't miss the four-guy orgy, which features some top-notch body worship, cum eating, and ecstatic fucking and sucking in all sorts of wild positions.

This single DVD offers the equivalent action of at least three typical films, plus a compelling story line. Films of this caliber come around all-too-rarely. Bravo to director Robert Boggs and his stunning cast for putting together a true masterpiece.

an unexpurgated review of

Summer Sex Camp

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

Ten beautiful, happy-go-lucky twinks get very, very lucky as they frolic together in the wild outdoors. If you're tickled by joyous, carefree young studs following their every bliss, you'll be downright giddy over this loving testament to sun-kissed sexual freedom. With nine cock-tingling scenes, gritty group sex, and delirious cum eating, this is a summer camp adventure like no other.

The handsome, athletic boys are exquisite, and they can't hold back their smiles and giggles as they share their horny passions. Those huge cocks seem to grow extra rigid in the sunlight. The photography and natural locations are equally stunning. Led by their whims, the guys explore mountains, castles, treehouses, forests, fields, grottoes, and quaint villages, dropping their loads whenever they feel the least bit horny. If a breathtaking scenic view has ever inspired you to jerk off in celebration, you'll understand exactly what these boys are experiencing. These European twinks have an unstoppable, exuberant passion for sex on par with their Latino counterparts.

With over two hours of action, there's more sex (and more varieties of sex) than I can describe here. To give you a general idea, you'll see everything from stunning solos to sweat-drenched orgies. There's deep cock sucking and jackhammer butt fucking, of course, with cumshots usually aimed for the mouth. There's cock sparring, voyeurism (where guys catch other horny studs jerking off and eventually decide to turn the solo into a duo), tender romance with mouth-watering deep kissing, tit play, handjobs, body worship, threeway snowballing, self cum eating, mutual masturbation, intense eye contact, and teabagging. It's all done with genuine excitement.

Don't miss the 12-minute "meet the boys" featurette which offers behind-the-scenes footage and more hardcore action. The guys talk about what turns them on and what they like to do for fun outside of the bedroom. Summer Sex Camp unquestionably ranks with the very best of the best. Its joyous depiction of male companionship and carefree sexuality is not only entertaining but a truly positive celebration of masculinity.

a hard-core review of

Scout's Honor

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

Why do scouts love exploring the forest? Because they're sporting wood, too! According to this film, scouts roam among the trees to stake out great places to jack off and gather their buddies for massive orgies. Ever suspected that a scout's neckerchief doubles as his cum rag? You bet!

The scouts in this film are constantly horny, and they gush cream like hot springs. In fact, over 20 of their fantastic cumshots are showcased here. So if you're into hot, young scouts doing some intense male bonding in the great outdoors, don't miss Scout's Honor.

The lush scenery is just as breathtaking as the luscious guys (if that's even possible!) The scouts sport huge, exquisitely chiseled cocks. If you appreciate big, swollen cockheads and thick, veiny shafts, you'll be in heaven. If you're into fuckholes that can't get enough cock, don't miss the 40-minute mark, where a desperate scout takes two buddies up his ass simultaneously. Throughout the film, the guys love tasting each other's cream and taking sperm up the ass. By the way, expect to see plenty of shaved balls and asses on these young studs.

The film opens with a couple of dirty blond scouts jerking off solo in the woods, one spying on the other with binoculars. They finally get together to lube up those shafts with some juicy oral action. Cock sucking leads to rimming, and once those tight holes are nice and wet it's time for some bareback ass pounding against a tree trunk. The first cumshot of the film is an anal drenching, followed by post-orgasmic fucking. The second cumshot is an open-mouth, full-facial glazing, with shot after shot of thick sperm slathering the lips, cheeks, and even eyes. But these horny dudes aren't drained yet, and we're treated to yet another open-mouth facial.

Everywhere we look in the forest, horny scouts are getting each other off. If one guy comes across two buddies making out, it's an instant threesome. You can bet that when the guys get in groups, they do everything they can, in every position they can think of. There's daisy chain sucking, chain fucking, double penetrations, face fucking, rimming, finger fucking, you name it. By the end of each encounter, the scouts' bodies are literally drenched in sperm.

Fans of seeing older guys with younger guys will enjoy seeing the scout master take on one of his scouts against a wood pile. But it's the fireside orgy that's the real highlight of the film. A bunch of scouts catch two of their buddies making out in a tent. They can see the couple's shadows reflected on the wall of the tent. As the couple moves from kissing to cock sucking, the rest of the scouts get hornier and hornier. Finally, they're all touching each other and whipping out those throbbing dicks. Meanwhile, a forest ranger is watching from the shadows, wondering if he should join in on the fun. What occurs isn't a bunch of couplings in a group setting. These guys have sex as a massive, heaving tangle of flesh. One for all and all for one, they experience true unity. Wait till you see the combinations and positions they come up with along the way. It's nothing short of astounding. In an outpouring of epic proportions, a series of anal cumshots is followed by a series of oral cumshots. It's as if the guys can't rest until they're saturated with each other's sperm. The scene is a beautiful testament to that ideal of brotherhood in which everything is shared, literally down to the last drop.

If you're familiar with director Nir Rosenbaum's work, rest assured that he's maintaining his very high standard.

a graphic review of

Bare Reunion

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

College men have wild experiences they remember for the rest of their lives. This is the story of a college reunion—a celebration of some unforgettable memories from those early days. We join eleven great-looking young studs as they drink beer and roast weenies around a bonfire, reminiscing about their sexual adventures and laughing together in joyous camaraderie. Get ready for an amazing widescreen journey down memory lane, complete with monster cocks, bareback buttfucking, cum guzzling, two dicks up one hungry hole, and all sorts of other wonderful shenanigans. Because this is a Vlado Iresch film, you can expect gorgeous photography, a truly stunning cast, and sizzling action (with lots of jizz relishing and mega-facial glazings) throughout.

Part one of the film is entitled "The Length of the European Penis." We join two students studying anatomy, discussing how the average European cock is 15 cm in length. "Well, in that case, I'm not European," one guy says to the other. The boast evolves into a dare, and in no time we're enjoying a mouth-watering private lesson in exquisite cock worship and face fucking. When those dicks are nice and slick, the guys can't resist a session of butt play. The fucking is slow and sensual at first, then heats up to an intense "hurts-so-good" pounding. The cumshots are stellar, with both guys drenching each other and savoring each other's sticky essence like it's the happiest day of their lives.

Part two takes place in the college toilet after biology class concerning the male reproductive organs. Standing at the urinals, two blond students decide to create a lab experiment of their own to see how the prostate works. They get hard with some mouth sex, then use their fingers to probe the prostate. Sure enough, that stimulation generates a big load of male juices. One cumshot goes all over the restroom floor, the other right into the mouth.

Part three is entitled "A Night Club Crime Scene." Here we're treated to a sexy pole dance/striptease that leads to a sweat-drenched threeway. One highlight is seeing a guy use his buddy's hot jizz as lube to jack off his own load. It's a cumshot that just squirts and squirts, to the delight of the guy trying to catch it all on his tongue. Luckily, we're treated to a slow-motion replay from a different camera angle.

There's still an hour of action to go, but this will give you a sense of what to expect. In addition to the marvelous fucking and sucking, we're treated to sexy frottage, tit play, cock sparring, rimming, mutual masturbation, and ball sucking. It's all good. By the way, don't miss the "initiation" scene in the college darkroom, where one guy is blindfolded and "forced" to suck off two others, then take both of their cocks up his ass with only spit for lube. When Kamil Fox eventually pulls out to cum, he creams onto his buddy Thomas Dyk's cock (that's still pounding away), and the sperm slicks up the action. What results is the fastest jackhammer fucking I've ever seen. Post-orgasmic penetration is followed by a glorious cumshot that gets eagerly shared by two tongues and then ecstatically snowballed. As with so much of the action in this film, it's breathtaking. Amidst the hardcore sex is lots of ultra-erotic body worship and deep kissing. These guys love every last inch of each other's bodies.

Bare Reunion is absolutely top notch entertainment, and there's not a single moment I'd change in the entire film.

a hard-core review of

Joint Sex Venture

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

Two college boys are fed up life in their seedy dorm. They decide to drop out and get creative about earning money. They team up with the owner of a bed and breakfast establishment, who provides room and board in exchange for regular access to their tight asses. When the young entrepreneurs find a way to open their own disco, they must "interview" some hunky dancers, and that's when things really heat up.

The cast features a great range of well-hung guys, from the young, skinny and smooth to their beefier, hairy big brother types. For example, playful twink Jupy Bertocchi sports curly blond hair, a smooth chest, and several piercings in his ears and tongue. Young stud Matteo Brandi looks fantastic with his masculine, hairy torso and boyishly handsome face. Then there are some slightly older, more muscular studs, like Denny Martini (with a shaved torso) and David Nardi (with a hairy torso and especially strong build). If you're into masculine guys, you'll also love all the hairy forearms on display.

The action covers an astonishing range, and the guys' entire bodies are covered in sperm, sweat and saliva by the time they're finished with one another. There's everything from romantic make-out sessions with gobs of deep kissing and hand holding, to forceful rape (simulated, of course), with lots of kink sprinkled throughout. Of special note is the fantastic chest worship, with tit sucking and biting as well as fur licking. Then there's the remarkable tongue fucking combined with full ass licking and buttock biting. Let's not forget the hot bulge play with huge cocks pushing through tight jeans or even tighter briefs. There's also mouth-watering sucking and deep-throating of enormous hardons, leading to brutal power fucking (with condoms).

Wait till you see the ravenous Matteo Brandi suck on a throbbing cock, tight balls, and hungry ass all at the same time! He drives his buddy Danny Pacino so crazy with that hot tongue that Danny sucks on his own fingers, then gets a hankering to suck on Matteo's toes! Actually, the shrimping just gets that big toe ready to fuck Danny's ass. Also not to be missed is some terrific 69ing, a dick frottage position you won't soon forget, stripping and posing, shirt sniffing, underwear play, armpit licking, finger fucking, sphincter flicking, geyser eruptions, and spit sharing. There's even a threeway featuring two young twinks servicing an older stud in a suit and tie.

The major plusses of the film are the fun storyline, scenic locations in the Italian city of Urbino, masculine men, and ultra hot action. The major minus is the picture quality. The film seems to have been converted from a PAL source into NTSC format, and there are interlacing problems. The image might look okay on certain television screens, but it looked poor on mine.

Poor picture aside, mansex has never looked hotter. These guys devour one another like they're literally starving for sex. Their appreciation for the masculine body is a wonder to behold. If you agree that a fine, furry male torso deserves a thorough tongue bath, you'll be in heaven over and over again. Bravo to director Franco Minelli for presenting such an intense, explosive adventure into unbridled masculine passion.