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DVD Reviews

a hard-core review of

Bareback Bowling Bonanza 2

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

In the previous installment of this triumphant series, director Dan Komar proved that bowling is the perfect foreplay for the very hottest mansex. Now he turns things up a notch and offers a sizzling sequel that scores even more points.

With mega-endowed young sportsmen, exhilarating blowjobs, powerful bareback buttfucking, multiple geyser eruptions, and cum eating galore, this one is not to be missed.

The action begins with two hot guys having phone sex, but the twist is that each of these guys is with a call boy at the time. With their asses propped on pillows, they're both getting the rim jobs of a lifetime. They jerk off, moaning and panting to each other over the phone. Each guys cums with his legs in the air and a tongue up his fuckhole. Drenched with jizz, each guy jumps out of bed to take a shower, and we discover that the phone sex buddies have been in different bedrooms of the very same mansion.

Such unexpected twists keep the action fun and fascinating and set this film high above the average. As with part one of the series, the muscular young studs are passionate about sex to the point of bursting. One orgasm isn't enough when guys are this horny. Expect plenty of very hot deep kissing, dick worship, rimming and finger probing, tit play, 69ing, savage buttfucking, daisy chain sucking, open-mouth cumshots, and snowballing. These guys pound ass like jackhammers and eat cum like candy. By the way, if you're into cocks moving from buttfucking directly to mouth fucking, you'll see that here. You'll also see a bit of post-orgasmic fucking and some double sucking. Lovers of cumshots will be delighted that the sticky action is caught from multiple angles. One particularly juicy oral cumshot is presented from no fewer than three angles. Kudos to the cinematographer for respecting the viewers and making sure we don't miss a drop.

Two terrific threeway scenes are celebrations of intimate, masculine bonding at its best. By the time they have finished fucking one another's mouths and asses, they guys can't wait to savor the flavor of each other's cream. It's a thrill to watch them take turns sucking each other's sticky cocks clean, then snowballing the jizz afterwards. Don't miss the 4-minute bonus solo in which a bowling pin inspires Geoffrey King to cream onto a glass-top table and then play with a thick strand of his hot load.

an unexpurgated review of

Bareback Boys

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

Here's some fabulous Czech twink action, with special appeal to lovers of cops, jockstraps, and bareback sex. If you're after gorgeous, mega-hung young men enjoying condomless action, this film will likely exceed even the highest expectations. When it comes to handsome faces, fine asses, breathtaking cocks, perfectly built bodies, and raw sex, this film serves up the Crème de la Crème.

Imagine a hot young cop walking his beat and questioning a horny studboy sitting on a park bench. The cop wants a bribe, or he'll arrest the studboy for hustling. All the studboy can offer is his body. He takes a playful swipe at the cop's crotch, to show that he's seriously into dick. Luckily, the cop accepts, and they go back to the studboy's place. So begins a fantastic opening scene of delectable body worship, moan-inducing cock sucking, rimming with lots of spit, and powerful ass fucking. Check out the cop's precum just before the 7-minute mark. The studboy's tongue plays with glistening strands of the stuff while he sucks the cop's dick. The guys end up cumming all over each other's faces. They both taste each other's cream but don't swallow it. By the way, lovers of hairy legs will find both of these guys very sexy.

Meanwhile, another hot young guy is walking his poodle in the park. He meets a buddy, and they retreat indoors to satisfy their horny urges. By the time they're finished feasting on one another's bodies, we're treated to a juicy ass-slathering with post-orgasmic fucking and an oral/facial drenching followed by snowballing.

But all this prime action is merely a warm-up for the threeway to follow. Three rigidly horny guys (Lucky Taylor, Miguel Croachi, and Julian Robson), each wearing a sexy jockstrap, enjoy an achingly sensual session together. Lovers of daisy chain sucking and daisy chain rimming will be in heaven. The guys end up fucking and sucking in every position they can think of, finally plastering each other's faces with hot sperm and snowballing afterwards to savor the flavor. The facial glazing at the 62-minute mark is especially memorable, as the cum is particularly thick, white, and plentiful. One of the cumshots in this session gets aimed straight into a gaping ass, with the cream getting finger-fucked into the chute.

There's still a hot session remaining, between two guys who meet in an apartment elevator. But you get an idea of what to expect. The only disappointment is with the bare-bones DVD. Viewers can rightly expect more than chapter selection and a looping option. A XXX behind-the-scenes bonus movie is promised on the DVD cover but not included on the DVD menu.

an explicit review of

Raw Czech Mates 3

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

Director Thomas Bjorn turns up the heat in this third installment of the Raw Czech Mates series. Fans of suit and tie sex will flip over these 14 horny, well-dressed groomsmen conducting their own private wedding reception, bareback style. It's an irresistible smorgasbord of Czech studboys with man-sized cocks and an insatiable hunger for raw threeways. If you're game for a jaw-breaking, ass-stretching, totally bareback adventure, get ready for over two hours of throbbing excitement.

Admirers of fine male bodies and huge packages will be in heaven. The cocks and balls are as enormous as they are beautiful. And the guys put their equipment to very good use. The sucking is mouth-watering, and the fucking is powerful and intense. You'll love watching those big balls swing during the marvelous buttfucking and face-fucking close-ups.

Along the way we're treated to a fun striptease, titplay, underwear play, daisy chains, and deep kissing. Lovers of cumshots will have plenty to enjoy, especially since these guys are multi-orgasmic. The guys enjoy drenching each other with sperm and then massaging the sticky juice all over. They also love anal glazings with post-orgasmic fucking. Sometimes, once they've cum inside each other, they'll jerk off together to ensure that their balls are fully drained. If you're looking for oral cumshots or sperm facials, however, you won't find them at this party.

All in all, this is a terrifically fun wedding reception, especially for lovers of guys in suits and ties. All of the cast is very well dressed, and sometimes they keep just their ties on while they fuck like wild animals.

a lurid review of

Creamed 2

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

This sequel to Joe Serna's Creamed is another winner, hands down (hands down the pants, that is!) Over two dozen very-well hung young guys pass the lube and jerk off together on a sofa (mostly in groups of three, four, and five). As they get worked up, the guys kiss and rub on each other, suck each other's fat cocks, and squirt jizz all over each other's faces. The bottom line is that the guys are adorable, their cocks are stunning, and they have so much fun that it's simply a treat to join them. Once again, this is mansex that unfolds naturally and joyously. Huge cocks, huge cumshots, huge smiles—it's all good!

As with part one of the series, the guys are good-looking amateur types sporting great big dicks (sized from above-average to monster). The guys are smooth for the most part. Though some of the guys claim to be straight, they have no qualms about fooling around with their fellow man. The focus of the action is on handjobs, kissing, sucking, cum facials, and jizz eating.

Cum lovers will be thrilled by the facials here. Check out the first delightful face glazing, received by Casper Cox. Casper has the biggest smile on his face I've ever seen in a facial cumshot. He's literally giddy over getting plastered with newcomer Deion Monei's sperm. Casper leaves that cum all over his skin while he jerks off, finally returning the favor to Deion's face and chest. As a rule, when the guys jerk off together, one guy will let all the rest of his buddies cum in his mouth. We're treated to double facials, triple facials, and even quadruple facials, as well as some self-cum eating.

Fans of kissing will see some exquisitely hot mouth-to-mouth action amidst the juicy cocksucking. There's some daisy-chain sucking, face fucking, deep-throating, and snowballing that's not to be missed. There are also two hot buttfucking sessions (with condoms). There are no frills here—just real guys following their bliss and having genuine mansex. It's quite a ride!

a full-frontal review of

Bareback Buddies

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

A hot twink goes to a job interview and is questioned by a well-dressed young stud wearing a tie. If you don't speak Czech, you won't know why this handsome blond boss requires all applicants to strip off their clothes (unfortunately, there are no English subtitles). In any case, as with so many job interviews, the boss ends up getting a blow job. Wait till you see how eager for work our applicant is! He deep-throats the boss' uncut monster as if he was born to do it. The unspoken message is that this twink is ready to take on new challenges that will enlarge his portfolio and stretch his capabilities. He certainly shows a willingness to handle any new positions the boss might suggest, as we discover when the interview moves from the office into the bedroom and the boss slips on a rubber glove to perform a background check on that tight anus.

So begins a fun, somewhat kinky journey into the world of bareback twink sex. If you like your guys gorgeous, your dicks mega-huge, your fucking raw, and your cum gobbled, you'll love every minute of this film.

Viewers fond of well-dressed men and sailor uniforms will be especially pleased. The sex is raw, and the cum gets used to wonderful advantage. Sticky, spasming cocks get shoved right back into freshly fucked asses for more pounding, then pulled out to get sucked clean. Sometimes hot jizz gets spread all over a guy's torso via the pumper's own tongue, then snowballed. Other times, it's spread all over a guy's ass via the dripping hardon, then licked up.

Along the way we're treated to erotic dress-up games, a hair styling session in which the sticky mousse gets the guys horny, crazy threeways, a huge dildo, 69ing, rimming, open-mouth cumshots, brutal ass slapping, deep and hard fucking, finger probing, deep-throating, deep kissing, tit play, ecstatic cum facials, self cum eating, ass-to-mouth action, and lots of spit lube. The threeway snowballing sessions are beautiful celebrations of camaraderie at its most intimate.

For sheer variety and intensity of action, this film is a true winner and (lack of subtitles aside) comes highly recommended.