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DVD Reviews

a graphic review of

Red Hot Pokers

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

This is the story of eight well-built, smooth young men who pound steel in a metal shop, and we see them working up a sweat on the job and then letting off their own steam with each other while on sex breaks. There is English narration to the story, but the men are from a variety of cultures and speak different languages throughout (I recognized some French, German, and Eastern European languages). What I love about this film is how much fun the men have playing with each other. It's such a turn-on when a threesome can't keep smiles off their faces as they fuck and suck one another. Especially smiley are Tom Cruise look-a-like Gareth Bates, boyish Adam Kubrick (the one blond in the bunch) and newcomer Peter Ther (with pierced tongue, eyebrow, and ear), and their sweet faces simply make you smile back. You can expect to see some nice sized dicks (nothing of monstrous proportions, but plenty to admire nonetheless).

The first scene, with Devon Donis bottoming for Johnny Saint next to a fiery kiln, ends in an oral cumshot that had me hitting the remote's "back" button over and over again. Johnny opens his mouth so wide to take Devon's cum in his mouth, and his eagerness to worship his buddy's juice is a sight to behold. Later, the camera shows Martin Hoffman's face as he shoots off after an intense fuck session, and it's the sexiest, most masculine orgasm expression I've ever seen. Let's face it — sometimes a man's face looks rather ridiculous when he starts to cum. But Martin's was amazingly hot.

In addition to the fucking and sucking, there's plenty of hot kissing, body worship, solo jerking off, circle-jerks, and rimming. All of the men are very versatile, and they seem to do a bit of everything through the course of the film as long as it involves mansex.

The most interesting scene in the film is the finale, which takes place after hours when the metal shop is bathed in blue light. It has an "artsy" look, and the blue lighting adds dramatically to the sensuality of the action. Some hot oral action leads up to a standing fuck position, and I like it when the men kiss while fucking. It eventually gets so intense that Adam has to hold onto a big chain in order to not to fall over, and Johnny finally unloads the biggest cum shot of the film.

In addition to the very hot sex, there are some sensually erotic scenes in which the workers chat together while on break, some of them shirtless, and their interactions are so natural and genuine that they are quite sexy in their own way. I also loved the behind-the-scenes bonus footage, where you see the men using their own porn magazines to get extra stiff between filming scenes. It's a nice look into how porn movies are made, and you get to see the men showing off their erections and having fun together even when the cameras aren't officially on them.

My only complaint about the action is that I wish the men would vary their positions a bit more. They tend to adopt one position and stick with it until they cum, and while the action never slows down for a second, some variety would makes the scenes a bit more interesting.

a hard-core review of

Brazil By Night

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

Brazilian men have a reputation for being incredibly passionate lovers, and you see proof of that reputation within the very first scene of Brazil By Night. These men just plain sizzle. When they kiss, they devour one another, and they "fuck like dogs" (to quote a line from the film) as if they were born to do nothing else. The film is about male sex workers ("rent boys") who work the streets of Rio de Janeiro for money. In between brief documentary-style scenes of talking about their lives (the dialogue is subtitled), the rent boys have wild sex with other and with the johns who pick them up.

First, hustler Alan Bueno recounts the first time he had sex with a guy, and we see him top his first john (Sandro Maia) in bed at a sex club. Expect to see a gorgeous tattooed dick, heavy duty rimming (featuring spit and finger fucking), spanking, oral sex, very passionate kissing, body worship, and major intense butt fucking in some terrific positions. I love how the men kiss and snuggle after they finish with their wild sex, sealing together their jizz-soaked bodies.

Next, the rain puts a crimp on business, so Alex Jr., Carlos Gomes, and Ramon Lemos call it a night to have a threeway where Carlos and Ramon take turns bottoming for Alex in bed. The fucking is more gentle and romantic this time, but in a variety of positions. There's also plenty of body worship, tit licking, sucking of whopper uncut dicks (including my favorite scene involving eating two cocks at once), rimming (again with spit and finger-fucking), hot kissing, and jerking off. It's hard to get through this threeway without having to pop a load along with these horny guys.

Then Vitor Jr. takes "straight trade" Luciano Andrade back to his apartment, where Vitor does all of the sucking and the very muscular Luciano (arms like Popeye the Sailor) does all of the topping. The action is less varied than we've seen so far, but the fucking is intense. Finally, hustler Alan Bueno returns to show us all his best moves when he tops fellow hustler Adriano Costa. There's lots of very passionate kissing and body worship throughout the hard fucking.

The models are all gorgeous, with fine, chiseled faces, smooth torsos but hairy legs, well-toned muscles, and some tattoos.

an uninhibited review of

Stag Show 2

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

New Catalina discovery Cliff Andrews is reason enough to check out this DVD. He is one of those horse-hung men who is truly an enthusiastic cock owner. By that I mean that he clearly loves his huge cock, loves watching himself pounding it into down a man's throat, and loves jackhammering it up a tight ass. It's not that Cliff is stuck-up about his genital gifts, though I wouldn't begrudge him a little attitude — he's certainly got plenty to stick up. He's just into using his cock to its best advantage, and it's a pleasure to watch. I tried to count how many jackhammer thrusts he could do per minute, but I always lost count. Cliff also takes pleasure is whipping John Truitt's face with his cock, and while I don't usually find such scenes to be major turn-ons, this one was terrific because of the sheer length of Cliff's dick and the sheer pleasure John took from being beaten with it.

The real standout scene for me, however, is Rick Gonzalez power fucking Chad Thomas in the grand finale. The live soundtrack captures the serious intensity of their session. Chad gets pounded so hard that he's practically pissing cum by the end — the white stuff just pours out instead of shooting in bursts. The oral action throughout is top-notch. I like it when a man so loves to eat dick that his mouth waters from it, and I saw that several times here. The spit was literally pouring down those shafts, and the cocksuckers were obviously relishing every inch. Adriano is the true standout in the oral department because of his amazing lips. I don't know if he's had collagen injections or was actually born with those enormous lips, but he's a face fucker's dream come true. If you're into sensual lips, you'll love how Adriano uses his.

Stag Show 2 mixes three vintage pre-condom scenes with three current scenes, and the flashbacks keep things interesting and hot throughout. The older models tend to feature some body hair (Bob Moore with a full beard, John Charles with a mustache and a nice hairy chest). You'll also see two red-heads and three Latino models.

Don't miss the bonus 29-minute compilation of vintage cumshot scenes (this is a must sperm eating fans) and two hot photo galleries.

an uncensored review of

Almost Straight Goes to College

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

Deliciously handsome Jason Reed is on a quest to find the sexiest college hunks in Southern California. Some of the guys he picks up are gay, some bisexual, but most are straight. Sweet-talking Jason's goal is to get the guys to go as far as possible. Some are only willing to jack off for the camera, some allow Jason to blow them, and one guy actually buttfucks Jason bareback. Expect to see some fantastic cocks, geyser eruptions, mouth-watering cum eating (including self cum eating), and ten horny young studs doing what they do best.

The guys are presented according to their year in school. We begin with Freshman Niklaus, a great-looking straight guy from Moscow who has never had a blow job from another man. During his interview, we learn that Niklaus is into Asian chicks and that he enjoys oral, vaginal, and anal sex with his girlfriends. Jason explains to him that guys can give better blowjobs than girls. Niklaus is skeptical, but he seems open-minded to Jason's reasoning. Jason puts on some straight porn for Niklaus to jerk off to, then asks if he can suck that cock. Niklaus says "yes," and we're treated to some oral action. Midway through, Niklaus admits that Jason is better at mouth sex than his girlfriends. Shy at first, Niklaus eventually holds Jason's head while he sucks. When Niklaus reaches the point of no return, Jason strokes off his load and then licks the sticky shaft clean.

Next, we meet self-professed "bi-curious" Freshman Darby, age 19. He tells about his first sexual experience at age 16, when he fucked and eat out his girlfriend's pussy. Darby admits that his sexual fantasy involves fucking a girl while sucking off another guy. He says he's had opportunities to make that fantasy a reality but always chickens out in the end. Still too nervous to experience mansex in the flesh, Darby jerks off for the camera and sprays a big-squirting load of juice.

Then it's time for some Sophomore men. We meet surfer, pole dancer, and straight party boy Derek Princeton, who's willing to participate in the film for the money as well as the fun of it. Derek is 19, works in a gym, and is saving money for a trip to Amsterdam. He admits to being "gay for pay" when he's strapped for cash, but only as a top. He allows Jason to suck his uncut cock and is vocally appreciative of the experience. Then he jerks off his load and lets Jason lick the cum off his torso and cock.

There are six more guys to go, with another Sophomore, two Juniors, and three Seniors. But this will give you an idea of what to expect. The highlight of the film is when Jason gets plowed bareback, with post-orgasmic fucking. Other highlights are when Jason tastes the guys' loads after they shoot off.

an unexpurgated review of

Bawdy Boys

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

You know you're in for fun when a cute blond guy deep-throats a banana to show his three blond picnic buddies what he's capable of. Then, when one of his adorable buddies deep-throats that same banana even more masterfully, you know you're in for a wild picnic! So begins Bawdy Boys, another delightful winner from the guys at S.E.V.P.. With 13 young and horny boys, bareback fucking, insatiable cocksucking, and cum eating, there's plenty to love in this two hour adventure.

The well-hung cast is stunningly beautiful, and the guys worship one another's smooth bodies as is fitting. (Strangely, the DVD insert shows mostly brunets, whereas the cast is in fact mostly blond.) The cocksucking is typically hands-free, allowing for perfect views of those enormous shafts and sex-swollen lips. The ass pounding is raw and relentless. Expect full-on jackhammer action. The guys fuck like true sexual powerhouses, and no thrust seems too hard to take. When it comes time to shoot off, the guys aim for each other's faces and lick each other's sticky dicks clean.

Don't miss the birthday party threeway, where a guy's bare torso gets decorated with gobs of whipped cream and three candles. After the birthday boy blows out the candles, it's time to lick off all that cream! Then the guys fuck and suck in a fascinating variety of combinations and positions. They bring a sense of fun and creativity to mansex that's joyous to behold. The climax of their party, exactly halfway through the film, features a geyser eruption worth watching over and over again. Later on, the party goes into the bathroom, where the three-man tub is filled with colorful balloons, bubbly suds, and (eventually) loads of boycream.

The biggest highlight of the film is scene five, a stunningly beautiful and romantic outdoor scene involving two sunbathers at a rocky seashore. With water on one side and a forest on the other, the scenery is as dazzling at the guys, and their skin looks exquisite as it glows in the sunlight.

Throughout the film, the action includes lots of 69ing, daisy chain sucking, chain fucking, teabagging, face fucking, rimming, deep kissing, and finger fucking. All of the hot action is captured perfectly, with crystal clear images. Kudos to director Nir Rosenbaum for creating yet another inspired and inspiring experience.