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DVD Reviews

a lascivious review of

Blue Eyed Combat Cock

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

Seven luscious young military studs (all 18 to 22) are interviewed about their sex lives as they strip out of their uniforms (down to just their dog tags) and jerk off on camera for the promise of some spending cash. A few of the men are straight, and the rest are gay or at least "gay for pay." They are all genuinely gorgeous, friendly, open about talking about their lives, and not stuck up about their good looks. You don't even have to have a uniform fetish to find this action hot, but you're almost certain to gain a new appreciation for uniforms by the end.

The film is all solo action until the grand finale, when two blue-eyed studs — blond Navy Adonis Cameron Daniel and his Marine buddy Scott Cruise — make out together for half and hour. They are both horse-hung and into romantic deep kissing, cock worship, and hard fucking. Watching them together is a dream come true, and their hot session is worth the entire DVD. Their encounter features a fantastic rim job that ranks as the best I've ever seen. Cruise is standing on his head as Cameron tongues his hole, and the sensations are so intense that Cruise gasps, moans, twitches, and turns red in the face like he's having a seizure. It must be seen to be believed.

The cameraman interviewer does a lot of playful teasing throughout the film, such as asking the men if they suck off their superior officers and, when told no, replying "That's why you'll always be a Private." Or telling them things like, "If you don't shoot your cum onto the dog tags, you won't get paid," and "If you don't cum on his face the right way then I cum on yours to show you how it should work."

Expect to find yourself falling in love with the majority of these adorable boy toys and dreaming of enlisting them into your own action.

a graphic review of

Weekend Warriors

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

Weekend Warriors follows the sexual adventures of hot young South American soldiers, both in the barracks and outside on the training fields. Apparently, they're familiar with the motto "Make love, not war," because they fuck and suck each other almost non-stop (the longest you have to wait for action is when two men hurriedly strip off their clothes, and when one commanding officer forces his grunt to run a few laps to work up a sweat before he fucks his ass relentlessly).

That grunt, by the way, is one "hot little bottom," as they say. His muscular commander takes full control of him and subjects him to a very long and very intense fuck session on the grass under a tree, and their moans and screams are echoed by a wild parrot in the branches above. The bottom is a real trooper, though, and I marveled at his stamina as he was pounded every which way by his superior's huge cock. He withstands a good deal of hair pulling as well, as if he needed to be reminded of who was in charge. But by the look on his face, he didn't seem to mind a little rough stuff — as long as he was getting stuffed, that is.

There are several things I like about this film. The men switch positions several times while they fuck (standing, doggie style, lying on their sides, missionary style, squatting, and so on), keeping the action interesting. The uncut dicks are huge, the men are hot, and there are a few oral cumshots thrown in for those of us who get off on that (as well as finger-fucking with spit).

What I don't like about the film is that there's not a hairy chest in sight, and none of the bottoms ever has a hardon while he's getting fucked. I find it tremendously hotter if both men are hard while they fuck and suck. However, I also know from experience that sometimes getting fucked is such an intense experience that you don't get hard even though you are truly turned on. I guess it's like you're concentrating so hard on what's going on in your ass that your cock decides to take a little nap. So I'll give these guys a break. It wasn't too big of a turn-off for me, though, because I shot off twice while watching this film the first time. The first orgasm was fantastic, and I actually surprised myself when I realized I was unconsciously lubing up again for a second shot at it.

an uncensored review of

Caribbean Stud

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

This is a truly luscious film featuring three male couples frolicking on a Caribbean island and finding hidden waterfall coves to have sex. If they showed this kind of thing on the travel network, tourism would swell about as big as the dicks on these guys. There are absolutely no "shrinkage" problems due to cold water. These men stay amazingly hard and horny as they fuck and suck on the rocks while getting drenched by gorgeous waterfalls. The settings (and the men) are so beautiful that you get pulled right into that paradise, so much so that I actually caught myself calling out to guys to be careful not to slip as they climbed slippery rocks.

I appreciate the fact that the men here aren't overly shaved. They sport a natural amount of body hair, in keeping with the natural setting. Three of the sex men have slightly hairy chests — just enough fur to show up nicely when their bodies are wet. They are all wonderful love-makers, by the way, enjoying each other's bodies just as much as their heavenly surroundings.

Each of the three scenes features big juicy cocks (only one of the men has an average-sized dick), very hot cocksucking (including 69ing), and enthusiastic buttfucking. There are also two incredibly sensual rimming scenes, where the men's tongues dance around their buddies' holes so lovingly and gently that I thought for a moment it was slow-motion. It's not tongue-fucking or ass-munching, just the perfect rimjob you dream about getting (or giving). The biggest cum shot gets saved for last, and it's worth the wait. The best-hung stud of the bunch shoots off a mega-load of jizz, and I counted five incredible shots that flew all the way past his buddy's head.

The DVD comes with a bonus disc of very hot preview scenes from a variety of hardcore films. They show just enough action to get you into the scene (typically around five minutes), and then they show the cumshots. You get to choose from different topics: "Stud Farm," "Young and Hung," "Bareback," "Sexual Chocolate," and "Classic." Each of those topics features scenes from several different films. I actually enjoyed this bonus disc just as much as the main disc. The action in these previews is a bit more hardcore (rougher sex, barebacking, facial and oral cumshots). My favorite of these scenes involves snowballing, where the young men shoot off on each other's lips and then kiss to share their cum.

a lascivious review of

Dream Ticket

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

Since this is a film by Vlado Iresch, you already know the cast is dazzling, the dicks are gargantuan, and the cum flows like a faucet. But what lifts Dream Ticket even farther above from the crowd? The delightful personalities. These guys aren't just well-hung fuck machines. They're adorable people, with smiles and giggles and expressions that'll melt your heart even as your cock grows. Eurocreme superstar Alex Stevens in particular could sweep any guy off his feet, with that boyish charm and man-sized libido. Add in wild bareback action and a fun storyline about a birthday that gets more surprising by the minute, and you've got yourself a true keeper.

How much do these guys love cock? This is the first time I've ever seen someone so drunk on dick during a 69 session that he massages his entire face (including eyeballs and neck) with his buddy's swollen cockhead. He doesn't just want to suck dick — he wants to be totally surrounded by dick, engulfed by it. It's an incredible tribute to masculine bonding, in which one man can celebrate a buddy's throbbing masculinity with nothing held back.

Get ready for some ravenous cock sucking with open-mouth cumshots and jizz eating. The cum is finger-licking delicious, as the guys demonstrate. Better still, they snowball the cream afterwards to savor their sticky experience. Wait till you see one guy plaster his buddy's entire face with hot fuckjuice and then lick it clean while they snowball. The slow-motion replays are quite welcome.

The bareback buttfucking is also out-of-this-world, especially if you love seeing a guy ride a dick like cowboy atop a bucking bronco. There are several ass-slathering cumshots (including post-orgasmic fucking), but the focus in this film is on cum facials.

We're also treated to bubble baths, pizza-boy sex, thorough ball worship, mouth-watering rimming, romantic deep kissing, tearoom sex, handjobs, and three different threeways.

With no fewer than 13 sweet boys and too many sticky orgasms to count, there's a great deal to enjoy and admire in Dream Ticket. It comes highly recommended.

an explicit review of

Men of Rio 3

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

This film is highly recommended for guys into heavy-duty rimming, foot fetishes, outdoor sex, and seeing men play together after they both cum. There's some sucking, fucking, and body oiling mixed in throughout, involving very thick uncut Brazilian dicks, but what sets this film apart is the extended rimming scene and the foot fetish extravaganza.

It's unusual to say that a sex scene is hottest after both men shoot off, but in this film that's usually the case. The camera lingers on the men as they relax together in orgasmic bliss, and we get to watch their real sexual chemistry shine through. They cuddle romantically, kiss, and play little games like "who can wipe more spent cum on the other's face." The sex is hot enough, but the men look and act like true lovers after they drain their balls. If you're into see real masculine intimacy, these genuinely playfully loving couples will be a real treat.

The rimming here is something special. Like all the scenes in this film, it takes place outside, on the grass. It's an extended scene of very enthusiastic ass licking and tongue fucking, performed by an adorable young man who seems to live to eat ass (that is, when he's not deep-throating thick cocks). The scene is so hot that it could convince just about anyone to try rimming, just to find out what all the excitement is about. There's just a little bit of finger fucking, and no spit wads involved. It's just tongue and ass and major enjoyment all around.

The foot fetish scene begins with some shoe and sock worship, and then we get to see the top man's enormous cock getting jacked off by both one and two feet (at first wearing socks, then bare). There's also a good bit of toe sucking, as well as the top's hairy chest and tits getting tickled by his buddy's toes. My favorite cum shot in the whole film is at the climax of the foot fetish scene, where the top man shoots off twice in a row. The second time involves no fewer than nine powerful squirts of jizz onto his buddy's foot, which he massages into the skin. The second cumshot was a real surprise and a testament to how turned on both men were in this scene. Even if you're not all that into foot sex, these cumshots are spectacular.

The film ends with a short solo jerk off by a young stud with a very nice uncut cock, standing against a tree in a park.

My major complaint with the film is the phone sex ads you're forced to watch before you can get to the real action. It took me a while to figure out how to bypass them and find the DVD menu. Also, although the cover says that the film was shot in digital, the picture isn't as pristine as I expected it to be. It's by no means a terrible picture, but not as crystal clear as I hoped.