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DVD Reviews

an explicit review of

Parts and Service

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

The finest porn films shine above all the others, and Parts and Service is incredibly fine. From the gorgeous well-hung men (including Chad Donovan with his legendary endowment) to the hot action and crystal clear picture, there's nothing bad I can say about this movie.

Set in an automobile garage which deals in stolen parts, there's even a cute storyline about an undercover police investigation, with the mechanics using sexual methods to smoke out who ratted on them to the cops. I was pleased to see that the majority of men in this film weren't overly shaved around their cocks, balls, and asses. And while their chests are on the smooth side, admirers of sexy bellies with treasure trails won't be disappointed. The action is top-notch, with some incredible oral and anal sex throughout (I didn't make it all the way through the first four-man orgy before I popped off the first time. By the time all four men end up fucking each other in one car, their bodies tangled every which way in a sizzling bundle of moaning manflesh, I just couldn't hold back).

Mixed in is some truly intense finger fucking, a terrific double jacking session which demonstrates the very best way to stroke two cocks with one hand and shoot off in the process, some self cum-eating, and some nice three-way fucking pileups. The true star here has to be Chad Donovan, who comes in right in the middle of the movie. Let's face it, no one can compete with that eye-popping schlong he sports, and he brings such gusto to fucking face and pounding ass. But he doesn't just dominate with that monster dick — he deep-throats like a pro, too. And wait till you see him get an ass ready for fucking. He warms up that hole with two hands and four fingers in the best finger-fuck scene I've seen to date.

I had a wonderful time getting off several times with all these hunky mechanics, and I just can't say enough good things about Parts and Service.

a lurid review of

Island of Lust

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

If you love the ocean, you know about tide pools — natural rocky pools that are home to sea creatures like mussels. On the island of Lust, these pools are more likely to be teeming with muscles, flexed by the horny boys who love making out in the wild. Can you picture their feet splashing in the water, their tight swimsuits bursting at the seams, their naked skin glowing in the tropical sun, and their various appendages and openings enthusiastically occupied in bareback ecstasy? The guys at S.E.V.P. can certainly picture that sort of action, and lucky for us they filmed every moment as it happened! If you're in the mood for young studs in paradise, as breathtaking as their gorgeous surroundings, then the Island of Lust is where you want to be.

Golden, sun-kissed skin framed by cloudless, blue sky and glistening waves — it's just as spectacular as it sounds. While some guys are making waves on the shore, others are sporting wood in the scenic island forests, or having a field day in their vacation bungalow.

All of the guys are beautifully ripped, hung huge, uncut, and fuck and suck like wild men. If you like big balls to match big cocks, you'll be impressed by what you see. The guys are basically smooth, with just one stud sporting a lightly hairy chest. Some guys have shaved asses, others are natural. The anal poundings are 100% condomless. Spurting cocks aim for the face and mouth (or mouths, depending on how many guys are begging for it), and sticky shafts get sucked clean. Expect to lots and lots of drenching cum facials and tongues hungry for jizz. In the final half hour of action we're treated to a beautiful anal cumshot with post-orgasmic fucking. The guys seem to love the extra lube the sperm provides, and they pound away with renewed vigor the second time around.

In addition to the standard oral and anal action, there's rimming, deep kissing, and two fun threeway scenes — one with daisy chain sucking, the other with chain fucking.

This reviewer has a pet peeve about guys occasionally looking directly at the camera and even talking to the viewer while they fuck. I'd rather see guys so deliriously into each other that they forget about the camera. I also prefer totally live sound without any overdubbing of moaning and trite phrases like "Fuck my ass," spoken by some unknown third party. Whether such details detract from your own overall experience will of course be up to you.

In spite of the annoying dubbed moans, the action is hot, the men are handsome, the cocks are mesmerizing, and the cream is plentiful. Add beautiful locations to the mix and you've got a sure winner. This is by no means the finest work by director Nir Rosenbaum, but it's certainly a good time.

a full-frontal review of

Undressed Rehearsals

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

If you're like me, every Bel Ami film inspires complete wonderment. Each time, it's like witnessing the impossible yet again but still not believing your eyes. The cast is always unimaginably gorgeous, with faces and physiques just as dazzling as the monster endowments. The action always sizzles to the melting point, as if the guys get so hot that their heaving bodies finally liquefy into puddles of sticky manmilk. This is all a fancy way of reassuring you that Undressed Rehearsals not only lives up to Bel Ami's ultra high standards but also raises the bar once again. Whether you're already smitten with the Bel Ami boys or ready for your introduction, Undressed Rehearsals is a must-see.

How do porn stars rehearse for their hardcore films? They engage in hardcore sex, of course! It's been said that practice makes perfect, and the Bel Ami boys know that to win more sex awards they're going to have to award themselves with more sex. This film grants us unheard-of access to the stars of Bel Ami, allowing us to join them behind closed doors as they shoot off around between film shoots. Don't think that because this is a behind-the-scenes type film you'll see less hardcore sex. In fact, you'll see more sex here than in the average film. There are over two hours of action here, all first-rate.

To give you a flavor of what to expect, the first scene features Roman Chaykin and Oleg Tarkowski fooling around together while filming Out in Africa. We're treated to a brief, playful chat with the two muscular young studs as they set up their bedroom rehearsal, then they begin making out like crazy. From deep kissing to body worship to sucking on those enormous shafts and butt fucking like animals, the guys are delightful to behold. Their big smiles throughout their session attest to how much fun they're having with each other's perfect bodies. There are lots of playful moments between the hardcore acts, like when the guys compare dick sizes, double jack their cocks to get even harder, attempt to deep-throat each other, pay each other compliments on their various fine features, or break off in the middle of fucking for a quick pee. Such personal, intimate moments typically get edited out of a film in order to maintain the pace of the action. But in a rehearsal like this, the tender moments add their own special rhythm and reveal the guys to be caring, fun-loving human beings in addition to unstoppable sex machines. Another thing that often gets edited out of a porn film is when the guys change fuck positions. But here we see Roman and Oleg move from a doggie style position to a sideways fuck, remaining locked together throughout, and it's incredibly hot.

The second scene features Tim Hamilton and Luke Hamil on location in Africa while filming Flings 2. The guys are sunbathing by a pool, start feeling too scorched by the sun, and retreat indoors to practice their mansex on a sofa. The heat of the sun has sparked their sexual passion, and they pounce on one another with uncontrollable hunger. Get ready for ravenous tit licking, face fucking, ass eating, and butt fucking galore. The action is a bit less romantic than the first scene, much more lustful, but equally playful. Wait till you hear these guys moaning while they fuck. It's wild! They pound ass until they're literally exhausted and have to take a break, then get a second wind and try a standing position.

Amazingly, there's still 90 minutes to go, but you get the idea. Still to come is some luscious 69ing, hot tub sex (a major highlight of the film), two-man showers, geyser eruptions, playful wrestling, lots more deep kissing, hand jobs, and cock sparring. Don't miss the shower scene in which the setting sun shines directly into the spraying water — it's as beautiful as it is romantic.

Note that the butt fucking always involves condoms. There are no facial or oral cumshots, but the guys virtually always cream all over each other. The guys are on the smooth side, with natural-style pubes.

a lurid review of

The Story of a Young Champion

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

By the time I finished watching this film's incredible four-way swimming pool orgy, I had shot off the biggest load of mancream in my life, and I could kick myself for not having a camera handy because I would so love to share what that pool scene did for me. Before I talk about that orgy, I should mention that this film has a wild storyline. It's about an American ski champion getting kidnapped by the Russian Mafia, and there is even some helicopter action thrown in for good measure. But I was mostly interested in seeing the smooth, dark-featured young Russian men get it on. The first sex scene takes place on a mountaintop in the freezing snow, and it involves the ski champion getting captured and raped. The victim is forced to suck off his captor and then give up his ass as well. There's a lot of great tongue-bathing in this scene and throughout the entire film.

I enjoy seeing men worshipping each other's bodies as foreplay, especially when a man gives his buddy's chest a good long licking before he goes down on him. After a nice tit-drenching finale, I was glad when the action retreated to warmer temperatures indoors. Our victim is examined by a doctor in a medical office, which leads to a hot threeway involving gobs of tongue action (both lustful deep kissing and tender body worship) in addition to the inevitable sucking, fucking, and rape with a big black nightstick. For those who like men with glasses, the doctor never takes his off.

Next we go to an indoor pool, where four other ski champions swim naked and frolic together, getting so turned on by each other's wet manflesh that they begin a long and highly intense orgy. They fuck, suck, rim, and worship each other's bodies with gusto and delight, never slowing down for a second, happy as clams to enjoy the miracle of mansex. I loved seeing them suck in a daisy chain and fuck in a pile-up. The energy just keeps building, and the men's cocks stay rock hard both in and out of the water. By the time one of them gets drenched by his three buddies' cum as well as his own, I was physically exhausted, and I was just lying there with my dick in my hand!

After the orgy we're treated to more helicopter action and a snow-sled chase, then see our kidnap victim being interrogated by two men who end up sexually humiliating him. I like it when the two interrogators stand over their prisoner and deep kiss while he sucks their dicks. The prisoner then gets pounded up the ass by each man in turn while he gags on the other's cock. All three finally shoot off onto the prisoner's chest and face. Meanwhile, an intense rescue mission is taking place outside, and the ski champion's gun-wielding buddies arrive to save him. I won't give away how it all turns out.

a graphic review of

Copsuckers: Parole Officer Perez 3

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

This film is a real treat for those of us who admire adorable young Latino men with enormous uncut cocks, insatiable erotic appetites, and sexy uniforms. There are some stunning studs on display here, many of them a bit rough looking with tattoos and buzz cuts. Most are on the smooth side, but for those who like their young men to have a masculine edge there are plenty of short-cropped goatees and mustaches, and two of the studs sport absolutely delectable hairy torsos that had me hot for days. (Younger men with hairy chests always start me up.)

I already mentioned the enormous uncut cocks, right? We're talking major meat here, set off by an amazing opening solo by the legendary superstar 12" Joey Albano. He gives new meaning to "horse hung." In fact, plenty of horses would envy this man's equipment. I was actually wishing he had a beer can handy for comparison, and then a spooky thing happened — as if reading my mind, he actually did reach for a beer can and held it next to his cock as he stroked it!

Oral action predominates, with some exquisite blow jobs. These guys take their time savoring each other's dicks, and it's beautiful to behold. How can you tell they genuinely enjoy sucking dick? Watch the men who suck and how their own cocks drip precum like a leaky hose. You can't fake that kind of arousal, and these men are so horny I don't know how they made it through their scenes without busting a nut prematurely.

For those of you into a little piss action, there are several short scenes of solo pissing before the sex begins. There are also a few hot rimming scenes, plenty of foreskin play, some passionate deep kissing, mutual j/o, a couple of three-ways (one featuring the lone Caucasian of the bunch, and one including some intense ass fucking). There's also one enthusiastic four-way orgy. If you like seeing men shoot off on each other's tits, you'll be treated to four such climaxes.

In addition to the fantastic action, there are some genuinely humorous moments and some clever set-ups for the sex (as when a parole officer needs a urine sample for a young man's drug test, and the man can't fill the cup because his cock is too hard, so they try for a sperm sample instead). I was laughing and throbbing and consistently delighted by this DVD.