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DVD Reviews

a lurid review of

Out in Africa 3

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

Out in Africa 3 offers everything you hope for and expect from a Bel Ami film, and then some. In a word, this film is a triumph. The cast and crew turns every sexual adventure into a euphoric fusion — a rapturous experience of cum-slicked brotherhood. Every frame of this film convinces us that there's nothing more beautiful than the male body, and that two (or three) men joined together are far better than one. From the tender deep kissing, to the athletic buttfucking, to the ecstatic double oral cumshot finale (with buckets of jizz), this film provides non-stop fascination.

The guys are so dreamily handsome and hung so huge that you'll likely spend the first viewing just trying to remember to breathe. On the second viewing, you'll marvel at how hot and varied the action is. There are frisky cold showers that tighten the balls yet engorge the dicks, playful cock sparring, 69ing, double sucking, and delectable cum eating. There's tender tit play, ear nibbling, ball sucking, deep throating, jackhammer finger fucking, mutual jacking, and rimming. And of course there's plenty of astonishing cock worship and hard butt fucking throughout, all performed with the intense passion and joyous enthusiasm that Bel Ami is famous for.

Yes, the African locations are exotic, but who can focus on the scenery when guys this stunning are in the foreground? Singly, each guy defines masculine perfection. Then, when they join together, they turn mansex into a beautiful miracle. It's romantic, but equally powerful. The guys couldn't be hornier, and they follow their bliss.

One of the most exciting scenes is a delightful escapade through the Gay Kama Sutra. We join a couple of horny studs as they learn all sorts of new and exciting sexual positions. They're so turned on that it's all they can do not to shoot off too quickly. Later on, in a threeway scene, one of the guys gets too worked up and can't stop from cumming while still wearing his condom. He pulls off the spent rubber and drips his jizz all over his belly. It's a beautiful example of how spontaneous the sex is and how naturally the scenes progress. This isn't fake sex by actors who need a team of fluffers to stay hard and get off. This is real passion by genuine guys who turn each other on and make each other cream. The premature orgasm here sets off a challenge for a second round, making the action all the hotter. And wait till you see the final oral cumshot, where two guys aim into a buddy's open mouth. The sperm shoots like crazy, one guy spraying ten full, powerful shots of hot cream.

Bravo for the natural body hair complementing the guys' fine asses, exquisite cocks and balls, and firm bellies. Bravo also for the crystal clear photography that captures every facet of those fine bodies in action. From start to finish, and every inch in between, the film is a work of art.

an uncensored review of

Pittsburgh Cum

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

Giant cocks, handsome amateurs, geyser eruption after geyser eruption, and insatiable cum eating — all captured in glorious widescreen. What's not to love? Horny stud Marc Sterling traveled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania during Pride week to take on as many hot guys as he could find. He spent a week checking out seedy bars, bathhouses, hotel rooms, and mansions, finding mega-hung guys eager to feed him their hot jizz. The result is some serious cum worship! The extra-juicy cumshots get savored and swallowed with relish. And fingers get licked clean afterwards. If you love the sight of heavy mancream getting lapped up as it spurts, I can't think of a more exciting film than this.

The sperm donors are masculine tops of various ages, all with natural body hair. That means both hairy and smooth chests are on display. A few guys have shaved heads, a few sport beards or beard stubble. But most look like the handsome guy next door. Some dicks are cut, some uncut. All are big shooters.

One highlight takes place in a dance club. Clothing gets shed piece by piece, until Marc and a buddy are bumping and grinding in their briefs, and then totally naked. The first climax of the scene involves Marc jacking off geyser eruption that must be seen to be believed. I wish they had turned the widescreen camera sideways to fully capture the startling gush! But don't worry — we see plenty of those powerful jets of jizz. Then Marc watches his buddy jack off, licking the cock slit as it spurts and lapping up all the cum on his buddy's furry belly. Then a burst of fog from the fog machine magically transforms Marc's buddy into a new guy, and the sex continues. We get to see Marc shoot an amazing load straight down a twink buddy's throat. Another burst of fog, and we see Marc suck off a more rugged buddy with beard stubble, a furry torso, and a whopper cock. Then Marc drops a mega load while the guy sucks his balls.

Another highlight takes place in a hot tub, next to a roaring fire pit, overlooking an infinity pool with an amazing view of the Pittsburgh skyline. The water jets are on at full force, but the guys make plenty of waves on their own as they fuck each other's faces. Don't miss the underwater sucking.

In addition to the mouth-watering cock sucking, there's some mighty fine mutual jacking, tit sucking, deep kissing, finger fucking, and snowballing. One of Marc's buddies wants to get ass fucked, then takes an astonishing load straight into his mouth. Marc licks up the drops of cream that missed the guy's mouth and feeds it back to him, letting his buddy lick the cum off his tongue. There's even a hot threeway and two outdoor scenes.

There's frankly too much action and way too many orgasms to describe here. Suffice it to say that this film is truly stunning. No lover of oral action, geyser eruptions, cum eating, or giant dicks should dare to miss this one.

an unexpurgated review of

Bareback Trash

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

Imagine a tattooed, foul-mouthed young man working the cotton candy wagon at a seedy carnival. Is he a power top or a pig bottom? One thing's for sure: he's 100% "bareback trash!" Some guys might consider this raunchy film to be crude, rude, and lewd. Other guys might say that when a masculine top gets together with a ultra horny bottom, things will naturally get rough and dirty. The bottom line is, this widescreen film is wildly erotic and loads (and more loads) of fun.

Though definitely "trash," the guys here aren't trolls. They range from smooth, slim stud boys to more rugged, young daddy types. What they have in common is an unstoppable desire to fuck and suck like animals.

Two of the best-looking guys are real-life lovers and real-life carnival workers. Wait till you see them fuck each other with a double dildo. That's their warm up before shooting off into each other's asses.

Expect to see some ultra-hardcore sex here. To give you a flavor, there's forced face-fucking, where every powerful thrust goes deep down the throat. When a top man rips off a bottom man's underwear, he's likely to stuff those briefs in the bottom's mouth before brutally buttfucking him. There's ass-to-mouth action, when the top man's cock fucks butt for a while, then plunges straight down the bottom's throat. There's intense finger-fucking, involving two hands and up to six fingers at a time. There are anal cumshots where the thick sperm gets pushed deep inside the fuckhole.

And then there are the sex toys. We mentioned a double-dildo, but that's just one of seven wild toys we see here. A mouth toy with ten-inch reservoir, a portable fuck hole, a vibrating penis pump, a clear masturbation sleeve, a thick black dildo, and a silver butt plug all get royally abused. While the toy fanatic is enlarging his dick with the pump, a friend comes in unexpectedly. Needless to say, the guys get it on. The sticky conclusion of this interracial scene is a highlight of the film.

Throughout the film, oral sex focuses on deep-throating that severely tests the gag reflex. Anal sex is always rough and merciless. Cum lovers take note: the cumshots are all anal. There are no sperm facials or cum eating. The film loses points for that omission, though fans of anal cumshots have extra reason to celebrate.

an uncensored review of

California Backroad Rousers

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

The DVD cover promises "twink boy" action, but what you get is even better. These hot young men look like genuine "back-road rousers." They're not too boyish, hung like stallions, and worldly-wise enough to be extra nasty in the bedroom. The butt pounding (sometimes bareback, sometimes with condoms) features marvelous power thrusting. The guys fuck like wild, horny jackrabbits. When they can't hold back any longer, cumshots go right on the face and into the mouth.

The guys are limber and insatiable, which makes for some wonderfully athletic fucking. It bears repeating that their cocks and balls are huge. Their asses are aching to get stuffed, and so are their throats. The bottom guys are eager and able to take on anything the top guys care to give.

Though young, all of the guys have a hot, masculine look. Several are on the smooth side, but two guys sport light chest fur, two sport heavy chest and belly fur, one hasn't shaved his face in days, and one sports a short-clipped goatee. Natural pubes, hairy asses, and hairy legs will delight admirers of masculine features. (Interestingly, the hairiest dude undergoes a trim between his first and second scenes. He's wearing the same clothes in both scenes, but the second time his shirt lifts up he's sporting close-cropped fur. Too bad, really, because his dark body fur and youthful face made for a distinctive look.) By the way, if you're a lover of long haired guys and like seeing a top man grab his buddy's locks while pounding his face, you'll see some of that!

One negative is that the editing is haphazard at times. But the camerawork is good, and the horny guys certainly never let up!

a hard-core review of

Kinky Southern California Sex

by Your Bearded Confidant
(a.k.a. ThatGuyYouLike)

Whether or not you have a special fetish for "straight guys," there's something undeniably exciting about men who are game enough to jerk off with other guys because they have nothing to prove about their heterosexuality. It's even more exciting when these guys allow themselves to get sucked off by other men, because they can't hide the intense pleasure. The fact of the matter is that only another man can truly understand what makes a guy tick. With a lifetime of experience handling the male anatomy, a guy has the expertise to make a buddy cum like never before. With all the mind-blowing orgasms in this film, one can't help but feel sorry for the girlfriends of all these straight guys. Sorry, ladies, but there's absolutely no way you're satisfying your man like his buddies do!

Get ready to enjoy a bunch of attractive, horny, very well-hung amateurs. They're straight but adventurous. How eager are they to drop a load? Check out the precum dripping out of those swollen cockheads! These guys are literally oozing with pent-up juices. Expect to see some fine builds (ranging from slender to muscular), tattoos, natural body hair (including two lightly hairy torsos and one goatee), foreskins, big balls, and big loads of mancream. The cameraman understands that a man's entire body can be sexy, and we're treated to lots of eye candy, from feet to hairy legs to firm asses to torsos.

There's plenty of jerking off, or course, but also several blowjobs and fucking of a blow-up doll. The oral action involves lots of foreskin play and some sumptuous cum tasting. Lovers of shower sex will enjoy seeing two guys soap each other up before jerking off together on a sofa. Four guys shoot their loads onto a wall mirror, which is great because you get two cumshot angles simultaneously. A hunky basket ball player and a deliciously furry young construction worker both squat on a floor mirror while they jerk off, affording amazing views of their tight puckers and heavy balls. One guy is an especially big shooter, and he sprays cum all the way across the room. Wait till you see the construction worker's monster cock — it's a work of art!

The word "kinky" in the title is a bit misleading. Fooling around with another guy might be somewhat kinky for someone who is straight, but the sex itself isn't technically kinky. The main sucker does wear a ski mask, but that seems to be for privacy purposes, not due to a fetish for masks. But no matter — by any title, this is a hot peek into amateur mansex.