Out in Africa 3 offers everything you hope for and expect from a Bel Ami film, and then some. In a word, this film is a triumph. The cast and crew turns every sexual adventure into a euphoric fusion — a rapturous experience of cum-slicked brotherhood. Every frame of this film convinces us that there's nothing more beautiful than the male body, and that two (or three) men joined together are far better than one. From the tender deep kissing, to the athletic buttfucking, to the ecstatic double oral cumshot finale (with buckets of jizz), this film provides non-stop fascination.

The guys are so dreamily handsome and hung so huge that you'll likely spend the first viewing just trying to remember to breathe. On the second viewing, you'll marvel at how hot and varied the action is. There are frisky cold showers that tighten the balls yet engorge the dicks, playful cock sparring, 69ing, double sucking, and delectable cum eating. There's tender tit play, ear nibbling, ball sucking, deep throating, jackhammer finger fucking, mutual jacking, and rimming. And of course there's plenty of astonishing cock worship and hard butt fucking throughout, all performed with the intense passion and joyous enthusiasm that Bel Ami is famous for.

Yes, the African locations are exotic, but who can focus on the scenery when guys this stunning are in the foreground? Singly, each guy defines masculine perfection. Then, when they join together, they turn mansex into a beautiful miracle. It's romantic, but equally powerful. The guys couldn't be hornier, and they follow their bliss.

One of the most exciting scenes is a delightful escapade through the Gay Kama Sutra. We join a couple of horny studs as they learn all sorts of new and exciting sexual positions. They're so turned on that it's all they can do not to shoot off too quickly. Later on, in a threeway scene, one of the guys gets too worked up and can't stop from cumming while still wearing his condom. He pulls off the spent rubber and drips his jizz all over his belly. It's a beautiful example of how spontaneous the sex is and how naturally the scenes progress. This isn't fake sex by actors who need a team of fluffers to stay hard and get off. This is real passion by genuine guys who turn each other on and make each other cream. The premature orgasm here sets off a challenge for a second round, making the action all the hotter. And wait till you see the final oral cumshot, where two guys aim into a buddy's open mouth. The sperm shoots like crazy, one guy spraying ten full, powerful shots of hot cream.

Bravo for the natural body hair complementing the guys' fine asses, exquisite cocks and balls, and firm bellies. Bravo also for the crystal clear photography that captures every facet of those fine bodies in action. From start to finish, and every inch in between, the film is a work of art.