Blue Alley Studios tours the globe in search of amateur studs with the biggest cocks and the juiciest loads, all to be gobbled up by truly insatiable cum hounds. The first half of this New York installment focuses on hot daddy-types meeting up in a motel room, and the second half features young guys getting each other off in a sleazy corner of the subway. At just over one hour, this is a rather short film, but the citizens of New York are famous for their fast-paced lifestyle. Rest assured that monster dicks are shooting off cream every few minutes in this film. Not a drop of sperm is wasted, either. If you're turned on by the sight of a man's goatee dripping with jizz as he licks clean the slit of a monster cock that just fucked his face, or by a young cocksucker who can stuff two fat hardons into his mouth at once, then this is the film for you.

As you would expect, the sex is 100% hardcore, condomless, and ultra-sticky. The daddy studs all very masculine, incredibly well-hung, and desperate to squirt loads of hot mancream into a hungry mouth. Admirers of butch men will appreciate the natural body hair on display (most of the top men sport furry bellies and chests). The younger guys later on are handsome, smooth, and hung like horses. There are more uncut cocks that cut ones, which allows for lots of foreskin play throughout the film.

Our host Marc Spitts (a better last name would be "Swallows") is a delight to watch suck dick. He loves the taste of jizz so much, he's practically giddy for it. He services his men with total dedication, and he turns sex into an art form. When you witness the sheer amount of cock he can take down his throat, you may well stagger back in awe. (By the way, Marc is a big-dicked, hairy-chested wonder himself.) Marc even downs a glass of cum left by a buddy of his who couldn't be there for the video shoot. But Marc isn't greedy for cum — he'll share one cock with a fellow cocksucker and deep kiss the sperm afterwards.

In addition to the cocksucking, deep-throating, and facefucking, we're treated to double-sucking, snowballing, foreskin nibbling, hair pulling, jacking with lots and lots of spit lube, spit sharing, dirty talking, threeways, older/young pairings, ball licking, finger sucking, and suit-and-tie sex. Needless to say, every load of cum gets eaten. Marc even eats the sperm he shoots off while he sucks other men's dicks.

I would be tempted to criticize this film for its short running time, but quite frankly the action is so furious that it felt like two hours of sex. So much goes on, with so many men, that I have to admit it's great as it is.