Colt's Minute Man 21 presents steamy solo sessions of three true hunks who define manly perfection. If you like your guys oozing with masculinity and want to see them enjoying their own muscular, hairy bodies in your own private show, then you're going to fall in love with the action in this film.

The real standout here is Colt exclusive Edu Boxer, whose sultry bedroom eyes will keep you glued to the screen. Dark featured and handsome as a man can get, Edu shows off his flawless body as he works up a sweat playing a game of pool. Feeling turned on by his own raw masculinity, he strips off his shirt to smell the musk of his armpits and to lick his bulging biceps. It's a treat to watch him stroke his hairy chest and belly as the bulge in his jeans grows bigger, all the while flirting with the camera with those sensual eyes. It's amazing to watch him work his shaft through his jeans, and at several points he reaches inside to gather up some precum and sweat to lick and suck off his fingers. By the time he peels off the jeans and climbs up to hump the pool table and jerk his uncut cock, I imagine that most viewers will have already shot off in honor of this masculine Adonis.

Denim lovers will enjoy watching Edu use his jeans for sex, biting them, sniffing them, and stroking his cock with them. Edu is an intensely sensual man, and he can't get enough of smelling and tasting his own body while he gets off. He even fingers his hole to smell and taste it, and you can bet that he sniffs and eats his own cum after he shoots his wad.

Also featured in the film is the beefy, bearded, hairy hunk Todd Maxwell, who does a hot outdoor striptease. And finally there's an erotic workout with the famous blond stud Tod Parker, whose sculpted body, square jaw, cleft chin, and sizzling sexuality have made him a star.