This film is highly recommended for guys into heavy-duty rimming, foot fetishes, outdoor sex, and seeing men play together after they both cum. There's some sucking, fucking, and body oiling mixed in throughout, involving very thick uncut Brazilian dicks, but what sets this film apart is the extended rimming scene and the foot fetish extravaganza.

It's unusual to say that a sex scene is hottest after both men shoot off, but in this film that's usually the case. The camera lingers on the men as they relax together in orgasmic bliss, and we get to watch their real sexual chemistry shine through. They cuddle romantically, kiss, and play little games like "who can wipe more spent cum on the other's face." The sex is hot enough, but the men look and act like true lovers after they drain their balls. If you're into see real masculine intimacy, these genuinely playfully loving couples will be a real treat.

The rimming here is something special. Like all the scenes in this film, it takes place outside, on the grass. It's an extended scene of very enthusiastic ass licking and tongue fucking, performed by an adorable young man who seems to live to eat ass (that is, when he's not deep-throating thick cocks). The scene is so hot that it could convince just about anyone to try rimming, just to find out what all the excitement is about. There's just a little bit of finger fucking, and no spit wads involved. It's just tongue and ass and major enjoyment all around.

The foot fetish scene begins with some shoe and sock worship, and then we get to see the top man's enormous cock getting jacked off by both one and two feet (at first wearing socks, then bare). There's also a good bit of toe sucking, as well as the top's hairy chest and tits getting tickled by his buddy's toes. My favorite cum shot in the whole film is at the climax of the foot fetish scene, where the top man shoots off twice in a row. The second time involves no fewer than nine powerful squirts of jizz onto his buddy's foot, which he massages into the skin. The second cumshot was a real surprise and a testament to how turned on both men were in this scene. Even if you're not all that into foot sex, these cumshots are spectacular.

The film ends with a short solo jerk off by a young stud with a very nice uncut cock, standing against a tree in a park.

My major complaint with the film is the phone sex ads you're forced to watch before you can get to the real action. It took me a while to figure out how to bypass them and find the DVD menu. Also, although the cover says that the film was shot in digital, the picture isn't as pristine as I expected it to be. It's by no means a terrible picture, but not as crystal clear as I hoped.