Strong, tough, masculine, working men are the focus of Meat! No twinks here, just powerful daddy sex pigs having the kind of nasty, sloppy mansex only they can pull off. If you're into muscles, buzz cuts, monster cocks, rough throat-poundings, relentless ass rammings, spit feeding, giant dildos, and cum eating, here's a whopping 130 minutes of hardcore, widescreen porn that's not to be missed.

Our story begins with bearded stud Phil Stevens working in his attic. Out the window he spies muscle hunk Duke working in the yard, pounding in fence posts. Sweaty Duke removes his shirt to reveal his muscular physique and multiple tattoos. Phil unbuttons his own shirt as he watches Duke work. Duke eventually catches the eye of his admirer and decides to go up to the attic. The men's mouth lock together immediately, and they kiss wildly as they grope each other's bulging jeans. In moments, we're treated to some astonishing power deep-throating, rimming, and anal assault. Phil finally sprays Duke's sweaty torso with hot jizz. Duke adds his own load to the sticky mess, and Phil licks it all up.

From here, the action gets much, much kinkier. For example, you'll see a sex slave (chained in a barn) forced to suck a giant dildo. The slave is fed gob after gob of his master's spit and made to lick spit off the dildo. After several minutes, the slave is literally drenched in whatever spit he hasn't already swallowed. As he sucks dick, his master keeps the spit flowing, dropping more and more gobs onto his cock to lubricate the shaft and his slave's lips. If you're into spit sex, you'll see rivers of spit by the time the brutal anal beating begins. The slave's hole is assaulted by fingers, cock, and various giant dildos (literally pounded in to the hilt). The dildos get progressively bigger, until they're bigger than a man's arm. Can the slave handle the assault? Truth be told, he fucking loves every minute! He finally shoots off a huge load while sucking sperm off his master's fingers.

The rest of the film features more forced (and gag-inducing) deep-throating, beard sucking, threeways, ball sucking, armpit licking, double jacking, tit slapping and pinching, deep kissing, spanking, finger fucking, finger sucking, cum facials, 69ing, and lots more spit eating. All of the men are muscular, tattooed, and either power tops or power bottoms. Two of the men have hairy chests.

This one is not for the squeamish. It's big-league action. And it's quite a show.