Two college boys are fed up life in their seedy dorm. They decide to drop out and get creative about earning money. They team up with the owner of a bed and breakfast establishment, who provides room and board in exchange for regular access to their tight asses. When the young entrepreneurs find a way to open their own disco, they must "interview" some hunky dancers, and that's when things really heat up.

The cast features a great range of well-hung guys, from the young, skinny and smooth to their beefier, hairy big brother types. For example, playful twink Jupy Bertocchi sports curly blond hair, a smooth chest, and several piercings in his ears and tongue. Young stud Matteo Brandi looks fantastic with his masculine, hairy torso and boyishly handsome face. Then there are some slightly older, more muscular studs, like Denny Martini (with a shaved torso) and David Nardi (with a hairy torso and especially strong build). If you're into masculine guys, you'll also love all the hairy forearms on display.

The action covers an astonishing range, and the guys' entire bodies are covered in sperm, sweat and saliva by the time they're finished with one another. There's everything from romantic make-out sessions with gobs of deep kissing and hand holding, to forceful rape (simulated, of course), with lots of kink sprinkled throughout. Of special note is the fantastic chest worship, with tit sucking and biting as well as fur licking. Then there's the remarkable tongue fucking combined with full ass licking and buttock biting. Let's not forget the hot bulge play with huge cocks pushing through tight jeans or even tighter briefs. There's also mouth-watering sucking and deep-throating of enormous hardons, leading to brutal power fucking (with condoms).

Wait till you see the ravenous Matteo Brandi suck on a throbbing cock, tight balls, and hungry ass all at the same time! He drives his buddy Danny Pacino so crazy with that hot tongue that Danny sucks on his own fingers, then gets a hankering to suck on Matteo's toes! Actually, the shrimping just gets that big toe ready to fuck Danny's ass. Also not to be missed is some terrific 69ing, a dick frottage position you won't soon forget, stripping and posing, shirt sniffing, underwear play, armpit licking, finger fucking, sphincter flicking, geyser eruptions, and spit sharing. There's even a threeway featuring two young twinks servicing an older stud in a suit and tie.

The major plusses of the film are the fun storyline, scenic locations in the Italian city of Urbino, masculine men, and ultra hot action. The major minus is the picture quality. The film seems to have been converted from a PAL source into NTSC format, and there are interlacing problems. The image might look okay on certain television screens, but it looked poor on mine.

Poor picture aside, mansex has never looked hotter. These guys devour one another like they're literally starving for sex. Their appreciation for the masculine body is a wonder to behold. If you agree that a fine, furry male torso deserves a thorough tongue bath, you'll be in heaven over and over again. Bravo to director Franco Minelli for presenting such an intense, explosive adventure into unbridled masculine passion.