If you love the ocean, you know about tide pools — natural rocky pools that are home to sea creatures like mussels. On the island of Lust, these pools are more likely to be teeming with muscles, flexed by the horny boys who love making out in the wild. Can you picture their feet splashing in the water, their tight swimsuits bursting at the seams, their naked skin glowing in the tropical sun, and their various appendages and openings enthusiastically occupied in bareback ecstasy? The guys at S.E.V.P. can certainly picture that sort of action, and lucky for us they filmed every moment as it happened! If you're in the mood for young studs in paradise, as breathtaking as their gorgeous surroundings, then the Island of Lust is where you want to be.

Golden, sun-kissed skin framed by cloudless, blue sky and glistening waves — it's just as spectacular as it sounds. While some guys are making waves on the shore, others are sporting wood in the scenic island forests, or having a field day in their vacation bungalow.

All of the guys are beautifully ripped, hung huge, uncut, and fuck and suck like wild men. If you like big balls to match big cocks, you'll be impressed by what you see. The guys are basically smooth, with just one stud sporting a lightly hairy chest. Some guys have shaved asses, others are natural. The anal poundings are 100% condomless. Spurting cocks aim for the face and mouth (or mouths, depending on how many guys are begging for it), and sticky shafts get sucked clean. Expect to lots and lots of drenching cum facials and tongues hungry for jizz. In the final half hour of action we're treated to a beautiful anal cumshot with post-orgasmic fucking. The guys seem to love the extra lube the sperm provides, and they pound away with renewed vigor the second time around.

In addition to the standard oral and anal action, there's rimming, deep kissing, and two fun threeway scenes — one with daisy chain sucking, the other with chain fucking.

This reviewer has a pet peeve about guys occasionally looking directly at the camera and even talking to the viewer while they fuck. I'd rather see guys so deliriously into each other that they forget about the camera. I also prefer totally live sound without any overdubbing of moaning and trite phrases like "Fuck my ass," spoken by some unknown third party. Whether such details detract from your own overall experience will of course be up to you.

In spite of the annoying dubbed moans, the action is hot, the men are handsome, the cocks are mesmerizing, and the cream is plentiful. Add beautiful locations to the mix and you've got a sure winner. This is by no means the finest work by director Nir Rosenbaum, but it's certainly a good time.