In this gorgeous widescreen production, stunningly handsome Peter plans a weekend of raw sexual adventures with some horny buddies. If you're after huge cocks, handsome faces, bareback buttfucking with only spit for lube, deep-thoating, rimming, and cum eating, look no further. This is a raw party you're welcome to crash anytime.

It's nonstop action all the way, ending with two terrific threeways. Peter starts making out with a buddy (or two), they get undressed, and they go to town on each other. They guys are all tall-dark-and-handsome types, smooth except for their sexy hairy legs, and all sport short haircuts. Though they seem to love cocksucking, it's the anal play that really gets them excited. They feast on ass like it's a Thanksgiving banquet, relishing it with their tongues and fingers. They work in plenty of spit as lube for the buttfucking to follow. The fucking is intense but unhurried. The guys don't pound away like jackhammers. Rather, they take their time and enjoy each powerful thrust. The attitude seems to be, "who needs a quickie when we can fuck all night long."

That's not to say that there's no power fucking on display. Check out the action 44 minutes into the film. The top man fucks Peter almost to the point of collapse, his sweat-soaked skin turning beet red from head to toe. He pulls out just in time to shoot his thick load all over Peter's stubbled cheek and into his open mouth.

Don't miss the especially hot threeway action 76 minutes into the film, where Peter is roughly forced to suck two cocks. Taking turns, his buddies grab his head and shove their huge dicks down his throat, pulling his head toward them with each hard thrust. At one point, three hands are pushing his head and neck, forcing him to swallow cock deeper and suck it faster.

It's fun to see just how much sex Peter can enjoy in one weekend. He takes cock like a real trooper, no matter whether it's getting shoved down his throat or pounded up his ass. No cock seems too big for him to handle, though his gasps and moans let us know he's feeling every inch.