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One occurs within the first 5 minutes. After some lovely cock sucking and smooth-as-silk deep throating, we see a "tonsil job." Ever seen a tonsil job? It's when the sucker opens his jaw really wide and, hands-free, slides his buddy's cock across his tonsils and the roof of his mouth. Needless to say, it's hot!

Another special moment occurs two minutes later, when Camden DeMarco throws up his legs and shows how he can suck his own dick. That moment is made even more special when his buddy (Defiant exclusive Gunner Raines) leans in to add his tongue to the action. It's deep kissing, cock sucking, and self-sucking all at the same time. The guys are all smiles, and no doubt every viewer is, as well. After more cock sucking and some nice butt fucking, Gunner spurts cream all over Camden's hungry tongue. Some of the thick jizz dangles heavily off Camden's chin, so Gunner wipes it off and swallows it himself. Then Gunner opens wide to receive Camden's load. He swallows the sperm before Camden snowballs him to share the flavor of cum. It's 15 minutes of pure heaven.

One of the best moments occurs in scene 4 (about an hour into the film). Newcomer Scott Ryder (who sports a great body with a lightly hairy chest) performs exquisite rimming on Defiant exclusive Kaos. Scott does what might, for lack of a better expression, be called "brown nosing." In addition to working that lovehole with his lips and tongue, Scott uses his nose. It's wonderfully hot, and the whole scene is positioned perfectly: Scott is lying on his back, with Kaos squatting over his face. So we see Kaos' fine ass cheeks and hole as well as Scott's face and chest. If you find a man's jaw line, chin, and neck to be sexy, you'll adore watching Scott in this position. We're also treated to lots of deep kissing, ball sucking, and rimming from these guys. But wait till you see them share a 2-foot long double dildo! They have so much fun, they can't stop giggling. Kaos finally shoots a huge load into Scott's mouth, and Scott swallows it all. Then the guys snowball the jizz glazing Scott's lips.

To give you an idea of what else is in store, here's a brief overview of the rest of the action. In scene 2, newcomer Richard Conelli's right hand is in a cast (from a motorcycle accident), but sex with buddy Casper Cox takes his mind off the pain. The guys stroke off while watching porn and suck each other's fine cocks. But Casper loves getting fucked, and he pumps a big load mere moments after Richard's dick slides up his ass.

In scene 3, Defiant exclusive Roar pairs up with Matthew Matters for some terrific 69ing and some intense buttfucking. Matthew finally has to beg Roar to pull that big dick out of him, saying, "I can't take it anymore . . . my poor ass!" Luckily, Roar had reached the point of no return, and he immediately creams all over Matthew.

In the romantic grand finale, Roar returns to team up with Trent Knight. The guys enjoy some ultra hot body worship, frenetic face fucking, 69ing, and butt fucking a variety of positions. Then they stroke off while holding hands and deep kissing, finally plastering each other's chests, faces, and tongues with cream.

The stars are all a joy to watch. They're adorably handsome and have gorgeous smiles. They eat dick and fuck ass like wild men. And in virtually every scene, the guys taste their own cum as well as their buddy's. This one is very highly recommended!