I wish every hardcore porn movie could be this good! Fans of oral cumshots, bareback fucking, outdoor sex, and skinny Scandinavian studs take note — this movie is an instant classic. All of the action takes place in a gorgeous lakeside forest, but the camera doesn't waste any time on the scenery because there's just so much sucking and fucking going on!

All of the men are young and handsome, and several are so skinny you can count the ribs. But they are all well-built, and even the skinniest ones have well-toned muscles. They all love mansex and do it beautifully. (I appreciated the fact that the men remain rock hard throughout their sessions, no matter what they are doing or getting done to them. They are just as horny as we viewers are!)

I was impressed that every man is quite versatile. They love taking turns sucking each other off, rimming each other, fucking each other's asses, and eating each other's cum. There are no condoms in sight, so the fucking is raw and the jizz loads almost always get aimed into an eager mouth. Sometimes a face gets glazed before the sticky cock is sucked clean, but I bet few would complain over that!

One of my favorite non-oral cumshots occurs during a bareback fuck scene, where the bottom shoots off while he's getting pounded. It's so hot (and unfortunately rare) to see a man brought to orgasm while a cock is still working his ass. There's also lots of very deep and passionate kissing, a hot threesome with a great pile-up fuck session, and some intense multiple-finger probing that verges on fisting.

There's not a dull moment, and it's all-around a real treat to see so many fresh studs appreciating each other's bodies and tasting each other's cream in the great outdoors. And did I mention that it's all captured in a crystal clear digital picture with Dolby Digital sound?