This film is a real treat for those of us who admire adorable young Latino men with enormous uncut cocks, insatiable erotic appetites, and sexy uniforms. There are some stunning studs on display here, many of them a bit rough looking with tattoos and buzz cuts. Most are on the smooth side, but for those who like their young men to have a masculine edge there are plenty of short-cropped goatees and mustaches, and two of the studs sport absolutely delectable hairy torsos that had me hot for days. (Younger men with hairy chests always start me up.)

I already mentioned the enormous uncut cocks, right? We're talking major meat here, set off by an amazing opening solo by the legendary superstar 12" Joey Albano. He gives new meaning to "horse hung." In fact, plenty of horses would envy this man's equipment. I was actually wishing he had a beer can handy for comparison, and then a spooky thing happened — as if reading my mind, he actually did reach for a beer can and held it next to his cock as he stroked it!

Oral action predominates, with some exquisite blow jobs. These guys take their time savoring each other's dicks, and it's beautiful to behold. How can you tell they genuinely enjoy sucking dick? Watch the men who suck and how their own cocks drip precum like a leaky hose. You can't fake that kind of arousal, and these men are so horny I don't know how they made it through their scenes without busting a nut prematurely.

For those of you into a little piss action, there are several short scenes of solo pissing before the sex begins. There are also a few hot rimming scenes, plenty of foreskin play, some passionate deep kissing, mutual j/o, a couple of three-ways (one featuring the lone Caucasian of the bunch, and one including some intense ass fucking). There's also one enthusiastic four-way orgy. If you like seeing men shoot off on each other's tits, you'll be treated to four such climaxes.

In addition to the fantastic action, there are some genuinely humorous moments and some clever set-ups for the sex (as when a parole officer needs a urine sample for a young man's drug test, and the man can't fill the cup because his cock is too hard, so they try for a sperm sample instead). I was laughing and throbbing and consistently delighted by this DVD.