This is a truly luscious film featuring three male couples frolicking on a Caribbean island and finding hidden waterfall coves to have sex. If they showed this kind of thing on the travel network, tourism would swell about as big as the dicks on these guys. There are absolutely no "shrinkage" problems due to cold water. These men stay amazingly hard and horny as they fuck and suck on the rocks while getting drenched by gorgeous waterfalls. The settings (and the men) are so beautiful that you get pulled right into that paradise, so much so that I actually caught myself calling out to guys to be careful not to slip as they climbed slippery rocks.

I appreciate the fact that the men here aren't overly shaved. They sport a natural amount of body hair, in keeping with the natural setting. Three of the sex men have slightly hairy chests — just enough fur to show up nicely when their bodies are wet. They are all wonderful love-makers, by the way, enjoying each other's bodies just as much as their heavenly surroundings.

Each of the three scenes features big juicy cocks (only one of the men has an average-sized dick), very hot cocksucking (including 69ing), and enthusiastic buttfucking. There are also two incredibly sensual rimming scenes, where the men's tongues dance around their buddies' holes so lovingly and gently that I thought for a moment it was slow-motion. It's not tongue-fucking or ass-munching, just the perfect rimjob you dream about getting (or giving). The biggest cum shot gets saved for last, and it's worth the wait. The best-hung stud of the bunch shoots off a mega-load of jizz, and I counted five incredible shots that flew all the way past his buddy's head.

The DVD comes with a bonus disc of very hot preview scenes from a variety of hardcore films. They show just enough action to get you into the scene (typically around five minutes), and then they show the cumshots. You get to choose from different topics: "Stud Farm," "Young and Hung," "Bareback," "Sexual Chocolate," and "Classic." Each of those topics features scenes from several different films. I actually enjoyed this bonus disc just as much as the main disc. The action in these previews is a bit more hardcore (rougher sex, barebacking, facial and oral cumshots). My favorite of these scenes involves snowballing, where the young men shoot off on each other's lips and then kiss to share their cum.