The DVD cover promises "twink boy" action, but what you get is even better. These hot young men look like genuine "back-road rousers." They're not too boyish, hung like stallions, and worldly-wise enough to be extra nasty in the bedroom. The butt pounding (sometimes bareback, sometimes with condoms) features marvelous power thrusting. The guys fuck like wild, horny jackrabbits. When they can't hold back any longer, cumshots go right on the face and into the mouth.

The guys are limber and insatiable, which makes for some wonderfully athletic fucking. It bears repeating that their cocks and balls are huge. Their asses are aching to get stuffed, and so are their throats. The bottom guys are eager and able to take on anything the top guys care to give.

Though young, all of the guys have a hot, masculine look. Several are on the smooth side, but two guys sport light chest fur, two sport heavy chest and belly fur, one hasn't shaved his face in days, and one sports a short-clipped goatee. Natural pubes, hairy asses, and hairy legs will delight admirers of masculine features. (Interestingly, the hairiest dude undergoes a trim between his first and second scenes. He's wearing the same clothes in both scenes, but the second time his shirt lifts up he's sporting close-cropped fur. Too bad, really, because his dark body fur and youthful face made for a distinctive look.) By the way, if you're a lover of long haired guys and like seeing a top man grab his buddy's locks while pounding his face, you'll see some of that!

One negative is that the editing is haphazard at times. But the camerawork is good, and the horny guys certainly never let up!