Brazilian men have a reputation for being incredibly passionate lovers, and you see proof of that reputation within the very first scene of Brazil By Night. These men just plain sizzle. When they kiss, they devour one another, and they "fuck like dogs" (to quote a line from the film) as if they were born to do nothing else. The film is about male sex workers ("rent boys") who work the streets of Rio de Janeiro for money. In between brief documentary-style scenes of talking about their lives (the dialogue is subtitled), the rent boys have wild sex with other and with the johns who pick them up.

First, hustler Alan Bueno recounts the first time he had sex with a guy, and we see him top his first john (Sandro Maia) in bed at a sex club. Expect to see a gorgeous tattooed dick, heavy duty rimming (featuring spit and finger fucking), spanking, oral sex, very passionate kissing, body worship, and major intense butt fucking in some terrific positions. I love how the men kiss and snuggle after they finish with their wild sex, sealing together their jizz-soaked bodies.

Next, the rain puts a crimp on business, so Alex Jr., Carlos Gomes, and Ramon Lemos call it a night to have a threeway where Carlos and Ramon take turns bottoming for Alex in bed. The fucking is more gentle and romantic this time, but in a variety of positions. There's also plenty of body worship, tit licking, sucking of whopper uncut dicks (including my favorite scene involving eating two cocks at once), rimming (again with spit and finger-fucking), hot kissing, and jerking off. It's hard to get through this threeway without having to pop a load along with these horny guys.

Then Vitor Jr. takes "straight trade" Luciano Andrade back to his apartment, where Vitor does all of the sucking and the very muscular Luciano (arms like Popeye the Sailor) does all of the topping. The action is less varied than we've seen so far, but the fucking is intense. Finally, hustler Alan Bueno returns to show us all his best moves when he tops fellow hustler Adriano Costa. There's lots of very passionate kissing and body worship throughout the hard fucking.

The models are all gorgeous, with fine, chiseled faces, smooth torsos but hairy legs, well-toned muscles, and some tattoos.