If you’ve kissed the boys goodbye and are ready for some real manpower, here’s nearly two hours of sizzling Latin bareback action.  This is the sort of athletic sex where it’s hard to separate the tops from the bottoms, because both guys are going at it with such passion.  In other words, there are no passive partners here.  The cast is masculine, exquisitely hung, uncut, and insatiably horny.  The men are all beefy but not musclebound.  Sporting natural body hair, they range from smooth to furry, and many sport tattoos.  Best of all, they’re genuinely excited by each other, and they fuck face and plow ass with full gusto.  We’re talking sweaty, spit-soaked, powerful mansex with nothing held back, fueled by that legendary Latin fire. 

The opening scene features T.J., a smooth and spiky-haired sex maniac, getting his cock very-well spit lubed by his handsome buddy Luke.  When that enormous cock is nice and wet from expert sucking, it’s time for some intense anal action on a hard table.  T.J. pants and growls like a dog while he brutally pounds ass.  He’s fun to watch and tireless when it comes to raw fucking.  Luke sports a lightly furry chest and has an ass that can’t get enough cock, no matter how hard or fast T.J. thrusts.  T.J. fucks Luke like a man possessed, relentlessly pounding with an energy that’s almost hard to believe.  Luke eventually can’t hold back anymore, and he sprays his entire torso with hot jizz.  Luke’s sweat-darkened chest and belly fur look fantastic glazed with white cream.  (His big-squirting orgasm drenches him all the way up to the neck.  By the way, he’ll treat us to another geyser eruption in scene four.)  Then T.J. adds his own mancream to the mix, ensuring that Luke is saturated with sperm.

Barebackin' in Buenos Aires (No Cover)
Barebackin' in Buenos Aires (No Cover)

The threeway in scene three is an unforgettable highlight of the film.  Cock fanatic Axel takes on two huge dicks at once (belonging to J.M. and T.J.), and he finds himself brutally and doubly face-fucked.  Axel has a lightly furry chest and a mouth that lives to eat dick.  But his two very well-hung buddies are even more eager to fuck face, and there are moments when Axel has to fight them off to catch his breath.  In other words, the guys are ravaging Axel’s mouth so relentlessly that Axel literally can’t breathe.  In no time, the guys are so exited to ravage Axel’s face that they begin simultaneously assaulting his mouth.  It’s like a cock sparring match, with both cocks forcefully jousting each other, and the arena is Axel’s mouth.  Axel struggles to take control of the situation, and he grabs both shafts to suck the swollen heads simultaneously.  It’s a whopper of a mouthful, but Axel can handle it.  No doubt he’s hungry for cum at this point, but now that the guys are well lubed they have anal sex in mind.  One fucks Axel’s mouth while the other stuffs his mouth.  Then they switch off.  When the guys get tired of thrusting, they sit down and make Axel ride their cocks for all he’s worth.  By the time they’re all finished, all three men are drenched in sweat and Axel’s hairy torso is coated in cum. 

More threeway action follows, along with more marvelous deep-throating, nonstop power-fucking, and tit play.  Admirers of hairy chests will be especially pleased with all the cum-sticky fur on display.  I’d love to have seen some jizz eating along with the bareback fucking, but frankly it’s difficult to find fault with the ultra-hot and sweaty action here. 

Note that there are no English subtitles.  However, the men do little talking and lots of screwing, so language barriers won’t be a problem.