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The photography is in glorious widescreen, to capture every inch of the massive manmeat on display. You'll see some true monster cocks here, and they spray jizz like a fire hose. The sex is 100% hardcore, condomless, and as sloppy as can be. There's stunning deep-throating and furious facefucking. Tonsils get pounded into oblivion. This style of facefucking is so intense that tears flow from the bottom man's eyes. (Tears of joy as well as panic; you'll understand when you see what super-sucker Traviss is swallowing to the hilt!)

The heavy cumshots are everything you could hope for. Jizz gets lapped up and savored by hungry tongues. In one hot scene, the top man pumps no fewer than 12 huge squirts of cum into a hungry mouth. If ever the cum isn't immediately swallowed, it gets shared during sizzling-hot snowballing sessions. In another great scene, you'll see a guy spit an entire load of fresh cream into the top man's mouth. Then the top man licks the rest of his sperm off the bottom man's lips and chin.

You'll also see a mega-hung top man spray cum down Traviss' throat, then suck drops of sperm off his own cock and feed it to Traviss as they deep kiss. When Traviss shoots off his own load onto his belly, the top man slurps it up and then spits it into Traviss' mouth. They share the flavor of sperm as they deep kiss.

The guys are all handsome, masculine, well hung, and simply crazy for cock and cum. Natural pubes and lots of beard stubble is on display for admirers of hot men oozing with testosterone. There are both cut and uncut cocks, cockrings, piercings, and tattoos as well.

In addition to the cocksucking and facefucking, there's some terrific deep kissing, finger sucking, handjobs, ball sucking, and self-cumeating. In the hot threeway scenes, we see one man suck two cocks simultaneously and two men worship one cock. One of the threeways involves interracial sex. There's even an orgy finale, where Traviss' mouth is the target of a power-squirting circle-jerk.

This film easily earns a 5-star rating. It exceeds every expectation and is a glorious celebration of cocksucking and cumeating without a wasted moment or a wasted drop.