Deliciously handsome Jason Reed is on a quest to find the sexiest college hunks in Southern California. Some of the guys he picks up are gay, some bisexual, but most are straight. Sweet-talking Jason's goal is to get the guys to go as far as possible. Some are only willing to jack off for the camera, some allow Jason to blow them, and one guy actually buttfucks Jason bareback. Expect to see some fantastic cocks, geyser eruptions, mouth-watering cum eating (including self cum eating), and ten horny young studs doing what they do best.

The guys are presented according to their year in school. We begin with Freshman Niklaus, a great-looking straight guy from Moscow who has never had a blow job from another man. During his interview, we learn that Niklaus is into Asian chicks and that he enjoys oral, vaginal, and anal sex with his girlfriends. Jason explains to him that guys can give better blowjobs than girls. Niklaus is skeptical, but he seems open-minded to Jason's reasoning. Jason puts on some straight porn for Niklaus to jerk off to, then asks if he can suck that cock. Niklaus says "yes," and we're treated to some oral action. Midway through, Niklaus admits that Jason is better at mouth sex than his girlfriends. Shy at first, Niklaus eventually holds Jason's head while he sucks. When Niklaus reaches the point of no return, Jason strokes off his load and then licks the sticky shaft clean.

Next, we meet self-professed "bi-curious" Freshman Darby, age 19. He tells about his first sexual experience at age 16, when he fucked and eat out his girlfriend's pussy. Darby admits that his sexual fantasy involves fucking a girl while sucking off another guy. He says he's had opportunities to make that fantasy a reality but always chickens out in the end. Still too nervous to experience mansex in the flesh, Darby jerks off for the camera and sprays a big-squirting load of juice.

Then it's time for some Sophomore men. We meet surfer, pole dancer, and straight party boy Derek Princeton, who's willing to participate in the film for the money as well as the fun of it. Derek is 19, works in a gym, and is saving money for a trip to Amsterdam. He admits to being "gay for pay" when he's strapped for cash, but only as a top. He allows Jason to suck his uncut cock and is vocally appreciative of the experience. Then he jerks off his load and lets Jason lick the cum off his torso and cock.

There are six more guys to go, with another Sophomore, two Juniors, and three Seniors. But this will give you an idea of what to expect. The highlight of the film is when Jason gets plowed bareback, with post-orgasmic fucking. Other highlights are when Jason tastes the guys' loads after they shoot off.