With over two hours of hardcore action and no fewer than 20 dazzling cute and sexy young men, there's not room here to adequately describe every luscious detail. But we'll try to give a good sense of what you can expect from this sizzling, not-to-be-missed masterpiece.

First off, the guys are utterly adorable. We're talking drop-dead gorgeous from head to toe. They're young but not quite baby-faced twinks. They're old enough to have spent some quality time in the gym, so expect slender but well-toned physiques. The guys are all smooth, but check out the sexy treasure trails on Robbie Masters and several of his buddies. Need we say that the guys are well-hung? They are, indeed! And they're uncut. (Lovers of uncut dicks, don't miss the hot foreskin nibbling 52 minutes into the film.)

That brings us to the cumshots. You're in for a treat: very juicy, far shooting, and plentiful! There are some truly spectacular nut bustings here, well-worth instant replays. The guys shoot off all over themselves and each other, and it's simply beautiful to behold. Oftentimes, the guys shoot off more than once per session. When a guy gets creamed on (such as 47 minutes into the film, to name but one example), he uses his buddy's jizz as lube to trigger his own orgasm. It's mega-hot.

Condoms do get used during the anal scenes, but you'll still see some asses glazed in hot cream. Cum lovers won't want to miss the circle jerk extravaganza during the last five minutes of the film. The guys pump their thick white loads onto shiny silver platters. Wait till you see each guy adding his cream to mix with his buddy's. It's no doubt the best circle jerk ever recorded (among those not involving cum eating).

The action runs the gamut from sultry duos to wild threesomes to even wilder orgies (with nine men). Romantic types will love all the tender deep kissing, body worship, frottage, ear nibbling, and other foreplay. Playful types will get a kick out of the horny rascals who make out in a rougher, more sportive fashion. Dick lovers will be in heaven over the luscious cocksucking, deep-throating, facefucking, and 69ing.

Spit is the only lube these guys use. Ass men will no doubt adore the extra juicy rimming of the spectacular butts on display. The guys' asses are naturally furry, and the rimmers use lots and lots of spit for lube as they tongue and finger fuck those tight holes. The buttfucking is spectacular, by the way. These guys aren't just pretty faces — they know how to ram those cocks like jackhammers and how to take them all the way to the hilt.

You won't believe some the positions these guys try. For example, at the 65 minute mark, you'll see the bottom man practically in a headstand on the bed, his top buddy standing over him (fat dick plunging straight down into the fuckhole) and hopping wildly up and down on the mattress. Less wild but equally hot is the chain fucking at the 104 minute mark. In addition to the hardcore action, there is a highly erotic solo shower scene as well as some hot modeling and posing.

The only downside to the film is the voiceover moaning and groaning. The sounds don't match the guys' mouths, and it can be distracting. But that's easily remedied: just turn down the volume. There's enough eye candy to make up for the lost sound.