This quick, no-nonsense film is a modest presentation of solo, duo, and trio action, with an emphasis on the sticky sperm that horny amateur studs tend to pump in large quantities. This is mansex in the tradition of classic gay porn — the guys are masculine, ruggedly handsome, and total sex maniacs. Two of the seven men have hairy chests, several sport goatees, and all are nicely hung and in great shape.

Note that the scenes were filmed in 1999 and 2001, so the video quality is fair to good as opposed to the excellent pictures of new films shot digitally. Also note that while cum eating is featured, the men butt fuck with condoms.

The duo action features 69ing, rimming, face fucking, hard buttfucking, some amazingly hot dick-to-dick frottage, open-mouth cumshots, and snowballing. The trio action (which constitutes the bulk of the film) features some deep-throating, lots and lots of tit play (pinching, biting, and sucking), and some brutal, relentless buttfucking and chain fucking that will delight lovers of rough sex. The guys pound one another until they're drenched in sweat, physically exhausted, totally drained, and licking jizz off their lips.

Unfortunately, in order to see this one-hour film you have to sit through three full minutes of warnings and cautions and notices. Three minutes equals five percent of the film's entire running time! You can't fast forward or skip these messages. It's standard for a film to contain messages at the beginning, but to make them last for three entire minutes is a serious disservice to the viewer. So here's a warning of my own: if you buy this DVD, be aware that five percent of it disables your remote control and contains no erotic content.